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My OC experience in the city of Phila
First let me start off by saying I am not an accomplished OC advocate, but I am learning and doing the best I can...Last Wednesday I went to the Dept of Vital Statistics located at 110 8th Street to order a birth certificate for my son. I parked in the parking lot across the street and entered into the bldg. When I entered I noticed a metal detector/x-ray and a sign that said weapons prohibited. I asked the security working the x-ray if there were court facilities in the bldg and I was told yes. I told her I needed storage for my firearm and she told me there wasn't any storage available. I asked to speak to her supervisor, who happened to be the Capital Police Officer sitting at the desk right behind her. The Officer told me they didn't have storage and that she couldn't help me. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she directed me to the Capital Police Office located in the Market Street bldg right around the corner. I made my way there and spoke to Sgt Norton of the Capital Police. At this point, my recording is going, and Sgt Norton tells me that the bldg is leased, there is not any storage. When I pressed the issue of what the law says, she responded "well, we are just gonna violate the law today." I asked her if they would store it at her location and she told me no that I was to take it my vehicle or come back without it. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she directs me to the Harrisburg office and gave me Dep. Superitendant Brown's telephone number (717) 787-3199.After waiting for several minutes, Sup. Brown gets on the phone and tells me the facilities technically aren't court facilities and that he appreciates my understanding and that he spoke to Sgt Norton and they would be willing to store my firearm for me while I tended to my business. I will upload the audio once I can pull it off my micro SD card and figure out how to edit my full name, etc. but I want to add that before the flames come out this was my first challenge to authority with regards to firearms and I wanted Sgt Norton to eat her words and store my gun... When I went back to pick the BC up, I wanted to press the issue about it not being a court facility based on my conversation with Sup. Brown but I didnt have the time, maybe one of you more accomplished advocates can follow up...When I left the bldg, with firearm in tow, I noticed damage to my vehicle as it was parked in the parking lot so I waited for Philly's finest to show up. The officer was polite and professional and with the exception of asking if I had a permit, and to see it, made no other mention of my firearm. No taking, touching, hard time, etc. He was from the 6th PCT.
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What is this "advocate" crap you speak of?

If the building didn't have any courtrooms or arbitration offices, or hold hearings of any kind, then it wasn't a court facility.
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Rarely do any of us do things exactly as we wish we had.

Thank you for following through as you did. Most people would have simply complied. It's easier.
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Are you sure you were in Philly? The area code 717 is near Harrisburg, Philly does not have capitol police officers, and Philly has districts, not precincts. Huh
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8th and Arch... my bad on the pct as opposed to districts (been to philly 2 times in the last 10 years). And yes Capital police at the bldg (110 8th St as well as the Market street bldg).. I called Harrisburg to speak with Sgt Nortons supervisor (Dep Superintendent Brown)... Also 2 separate encounters, one in the state bldgs and the other on the street to report the damage to my vehicle....

Apparently the bldg holds Workman Comp claims appeals and the like. The sign wasnt the same as you would find at the Chester County or Lancaster County courthouse.
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