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N82 Professional Holster
After searching and researching iwb holsters for weeks, I decided to order a N82 Professional holster for my Ruger SR9c. I ordered today, and I should get it Wednesday. I'll write up a review in a week or so with my findings.

Below are pictures of the holster (not my pictures). I'm really looking forward to giving this a try after reading several positive reviews.

[Image: 8590729634_36b15815c1_c.jpg]

[Image: 8532942054_c9da69dca0_c.jpg]

[Image: 353201_02_n82_iwb_holster_640.jpg]
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
I've been wondering about their holsters. I was waiting to read or see a video review on one. Let us know how it works out.
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That looks comfy, but i am not digging single clip points after having worn Crossbreed for the past few years. Put a clip on each side and i would give it a try.
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I received the holster today. First, the holster wasn't oversized like I worried it would be. It fully covered my firearm and was not any bigger than it had to be. I put on the holster and started to twist my body, wiggle side to side, and repeat the same movements while sitting down. The gun never touched my body, and it is the most comfortable holster I ever wore. Even when the outline of the holster pressed up against my skin, that wasn't even uncomfortable, unlike crossbreed-style holsters. I can easily carry my Ruger SR9c all day in that holster without any issues. I was originally worried about concealability since it was a single clip design. I wore the holster while wearing jeans and a loose fitting t-shirt (not to be confused with a baggie or over sized shirt). It concealed my pistol perfectly and no worse or better than the crossbreed-style holsters.

Now comes my only negative complaint. I ordered the professional model with the polycarbonate sheath. This model allows you to reholster one handed while also offering a level of retention. In order to draw the pistol, you have to slightly push your pistol's grip towards your body and pull out the holster. It took awhile, but I started to get the hang of it. I tried drawing fast, but my pistol wouldn't budge. If I took my time, then I could unholster it without any problems. When I tried to draw as if I were in a self defense situation, I couldn't get out the gun. This made me very disappointed. I tried this SEVERAL times and couldn't draw it quickly. I was worried if I was in a self defense situation, between the stress and adrenaline, I might screw up and not be able to draw quickly.

After thinking it over, I decided that I should have gotten the "original model" with the elastic sheath. The pros of this model is that I could draw quickly without any problems while still having the same amount of comfort provided by the "pancake" portion of the holster. The cons of this model is that I could not reholster one handed and the cant is not adjustable. I looked at where the clip was positioned on this holster and it is in the same exact location/cant setting that I loved with the professional model. So really it came down to a fast, life-saving quick draw or being able to reholster one handed. Thinking it over, I decided to go with the original model and having the ability to draw more reliably and quickly. I rather have this option because I believe my life is more on the line when drawing rather than when it came time to reholster. So now I wanted the original model.

I called up N82 Tactical and told them I loved their holster, but didn't care for their retention system on the professional model. I said I would love to return the professional model and receive the original model instead. I spoke to (I forget her first name) Ms./Mrs. Stone. She was very kind and helpful. She explained I could either return the holster and they would ship me out the original model and refund the difference, or I could order the original model now (paying for it now) and have my full money refunded on the professional model when they receive it. Being the impatient person I am, I chose the 2nd option. Today I ordered the original model, and I just dropped off the professional model at my local post office.

In short, it is a very comfortable, concealable holster by an excellent company! It comes down to the individual which model they want, and which one works for them the best. I cannot wait for my original model to come in the mail, and once again I will update this thread after wearing it for awhile.
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
I just got the "original" model in the mail today. I put my Ruger SR9c in the holster and ran my errands for 3 hours. THIS IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE HOLSTER I EVER USED. Seriously, there was no discomfort while carrying. My firearm concealed perfectly too. My only complaint is I can't reholster one handed, but this is a very minor issue compared to how comfortable this holster is. I can also draw my pistol very quickly. Because the sheath is made out of a very strong elastic, I can also use this holster for a large variety of other pistols too. Really, for $40 this is the best bang for your buck for an iwb holster.
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
Based on this thread I decided to also get the n82 original. I too carry a sr9c. I didn't want the retention that the professional model had since I would never be OCing with it. I was trying to make going from owb to iwb as confortable as possible and the holster is very comfortable.

The single clip does feel a little flimsy or more flexible than I am used to but the belt holds everything nice and tight and the clip has not shown itself to have any interest in coming off my belt. I've been sweating this summer and the holster has kept everything away from the gun. The only downside, for me, is getting used to wedging my thumb between the holster and the gun when drawing since there is no cutout.

In short pros: comfort, gun stays clean, no skin allergy from touching metal.
In short neutral: the single clip,
In short cons: getting used to drawing (thumb has callous forming), carrying iwb.

I'll be looking for a minimalist owb kydex now. Contemplating DFW bandit holster. Concerned front sight would get caught on holster when drawing. Thoughts?
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I learned my lesson from Alien Gear's 2.0 with the neoprene backing. I'll wait 30 days and then see what you guys have to say about the N82.
I have been using the N82 pro model for more than a year. You just need to practice your draw just like you practice shooting. It becomes second nature. Can get my gun in or out of the holster quickly with one hand.
The neoprene is comfy. Wear it under a shirt and you will never get chaffed or a rash.

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Uinta Firearms;168323 Wrote:I learned my lesson from Alien Gear's 2.0 with the neoprene backing. I'll wait 30 days and then see what you guys have to say about the N82.

What was the problem with the neoprene?
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Use the n82 pro on 3 of my guns.
It did take a little getting used to drawing the gun from the holster.
Have never had the one clip fail or become loose from my belt.
Very well made and cleans easily.Angel

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