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National Reciprocity
I personally support both NRA-ILA, and the 2nd Amendment Foundation (SAF). Again, although I would LOVE to see Constitutional Carry, at this point we get what we can before we wind up with more Clinton Assault Rifle ban mess.

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I'm late to this thread, but I provide links below, then some commentary.

Please sign the current petition which targets PA law makers.

[Image: flyer-natRecip-399w.jpg]

I see there is debate and a tendency of some to not support National Reciprocity unless it includes Constitutional Carry.  If both are in the same bill, neither will ever pass.  They must be taken separately.

This is exactly how the Left has stopped us for decades.  They get us to jam multiple issues in one bill, then find groups to oppose multiple aspects of each issue which makes it look like *everyone* opposes the bill for many different reasons.

To succeed, we must take one piece at a time.  That's what the Left does.  They get a piece.  Hold it.  Get a bit more.  Hold it.  And get a bit more.

We have people on our side who oppose National Reciprocity because they think safety training should be required in all states in order to get a CCP.  We won't change their minds in significant numbers.  We have to roll over them.  That is a sizeable group to overcome, plus we have the entire Left, so we have our work cut out for us. This is doable. . . but difficult.

Our side needs to unite, get this done, and then take up the next issue which may or may not be Constitutional Carry.  But adding *any* other issue into National Reciprocity will be a poison pill and enough to kill it.  That much, I guarantee.

Lastly, the petition requires submitting a cell phone number.  It is to prove you are who you say, and so we can text you if we are to march on a lawmaker's office and ask if you can make it.  You will be able to reply yes, no, don't ask again.  Your phone does not go to anyone else.  Your email might possibly be shared with Gun Owners of America, asking you to sign their petition too, but that is not definite.
support the agenda to get national reciprocity
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