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Navy SEAL Author’s Profits Can Be Seized
I'd like to remind everyone that the first people to blab about this was the OhBahMuh Administration.

Of course, they are politicians and get a free pass.  Must be nice to be the privileged  class.
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(09-11-2012, 07:59 AM)cgbudde Wrote: Obama's a danger to our national security.

On this, I do not disagree.
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(09-11-2012, 07:37 AM)Camper Wrote:
(09-11-2012, 07:33 AM)rmagill Wrote: While I understand he has a contract, I still tend to think that the 1A should override the federal government's ability to regulate what someone publishes.  Freedom of the press and all...

If that were the case, then you could have soldiers giving out top secret government information that could damage national security without any fear of punishment or reprisal.

While I understand this need - in theory - it does not work out this way in practice.  How many lines of the redacted records that were produced due to the F&F investigation actually contained information that would destroy this nation (not the current administration, this nation) if it became public knowledge?

An unfortunate side-effect of a truly free society is that people are free to do things that are dangerous.  If a person wants regulated safety, that person must give up some rights.  While some things the military does should not be broadcast, should everything be a secret?  What if they were planning an unprovoked assault on a U.S city?  Shouldn't the publication of that information be protected by the 1A?

Also, the person writing the book was a SEAL.  He knows what is a danger to leak and what is not.  If he jeopardizes the SEALs, it is only his former coworkers he would be killing.  If you ask me, that is pretty strong motivation to not leak truly sensitive information.

I really don't think this is about preventing top secret information from being published.  I am much more inclined to think that the .gov wants to regulate what the public hears and is afraid that their happy little world will start to fall apart once the truth of their actions gets out.  (Again, F&F, anyone?  If they pulled that off like they did, what are they "pulling off" now?).

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