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Need Some Ideas, Note From My Sons Teacher (Update Page:9)
Well, here it is. My son got in trouble today for talking about guns with a friend. This kindergarten teacher has stated her dislike of firearms before and her attempt to silence any discussion about them in school because apparently she has a twisted opinion about them. This is the first time I got a note from school about it. They plan to punish him more if he expresses his first amendment right again to talk about something that isn't vulgar or offensive or illegal, it's simply about his right to talk about the fun day he had shooting his bb gun or his .22 or whatever. I haven't pushed this issue yet but I feel now is the time to stand up for him now that they have threatened punishments.

This is a first for me so hopefully I can get some input from someone who has been in this situation before.

What should I write on this note to send back to the teacher?

What should my next course of action be?

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Don't write, go in. Explain, in detail, that if they punish your boy he will just be getting a day off of school. That in their rush to judgement they are setting a horrible example of how to handle a difference of opinion in a simple discussion.
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I would speak with the principal about it and not the teacher. I would question if this is actually a school policy or if this teacher is making the decision on her own.

What I like to do is to do it via email. Send the Principal an email with the teacher CC'ed as well as the top administrator in the school district. That way you're ensured to get a reply, and quickly. Probably what they'll do is want to speak to you on the phone or in person, that way there's nothing written down that they can be held accountable to.
I agree, sending a note back is out.

I've found the email address of both the principal and the teacher, any ideas on how to go about it? I'm fuming right now and don't want to write what I REALLY want to say.
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What Streaker said. Document everything and go over her head. Let them know you will make a stink about it and don't let them bully you or your child.

That being said, keep your letters cordial and to the point.
Everytime we look the other way when someone else loses rights we disagree with, we make it easier to lose the rights we support.

I would make them show you where in published school policy what topics are forbidden and which ones are ok. If they don't have any set policy as to what kinds can discuss, especially when not during class time, then she shouldn't be issuing any color of slip. Your child should not be punished for her personal prejudices.
Streaker is spot on IMHO.

Do the email thing, and post it here for constructive criticism.
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Just..., wow. Good luck, however you're going to handle it is better than what I would do.

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10-4 guys. Thanks for the input. I'll keep yins updatedBig Grin
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While you're at it, suggest they look into having an English teacher re-write that "ooops slip".

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