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[Negative] Frank's Double Tap
I shot there a few months ago. The range is of poor quality, you can smell the gun powder so much that you can practically taste it, and the staff are rude. The first time I was there I noticed the sign that said "No Steel Cased Ammo (this includes Tula, Wolf, etc.)". Okay, no big deal. So I walk into the range and the air is heavy with gunpowder. It was also 20 degrees outside, and the inside of this range (it's an indoor range) it must have been 40-something degrees. The majority of people shooting in there were horrible shots and you can tell they had no idea what they were doing in terms of handling firearms and demonstrating safety. A couple came in and started shooting next to my girlfriend and I. I looked on the ground and saw he was shooting steel cased ammo. I shrugged it off and continued shooting. A few minutes later one of the staff members came out and started yelling at the guy. The staff member starting yelling at the guy that he owed him $50 for shooting steel cased ammo because it damages his bullet trap. First off, I know STEEL CORE ammo can damaged bullet traps, but russian steel cased ammo shouldn’t damage bullet traps because they are regular copper and lead rounds. Then the staff member grabs the box of russian ammo and throws it on the ground with the rounds scattering everywhere. He continued yelling at the guy to the point where he threatened to shoot him. I finished shooting and left. I knew I would never use their ghetto range again.

Now just recently I called and asked them if they had 115 grain +p+ 9mm hollow points. Some guy with a heavy accent asked me if I was law enforcement. I said no. He told me the box says law enforcement only. I told him in PA, it is legal for citizens to own 115 grain +p+ and gun shops sell "law enforcement" ammo to citizens all the time. He told me he did not want to get in trouble. I knew I couldn't convince him it wasn't illegal to sell me the ammo so I just said thanks and hung up.

[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
Must be the proximity to New Jersey.
I've been there several times. Never had a problem.
MikeP, just an old guy that smells of garlic.
while there may not be any legal issues, there is the possibility they have an agreement with the manufacturers to only sell that ammo to law enforcement. in which case, they could get their contract terminated if they sell to non law enforcement

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