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[Negative] Palmetto State Armory Customer Service
I'm sorry if this is difficult to follow, I am angry after having spent an entire day trying to get in touch with this company to no avail, only to be banned from their Facebook page for attempting to get help.

Let me preface this by saying that I have ordered ammo from PSA once prior, and had a good experience other than longer than normal wait for shipping. I know many people have had great experiences with this company, however after recent events they will never see another dollar from me. More and more lately I have been seeing negative reviews of PSA, and I should have taken that as a sign to stay away.

On 11/26 (cyber monday) they ran a special on Geissele SSA-E triggers for $179.99. I was in the market for another one, I jumped on the deal. On 12/3 (one week later) I received a shipping email from PSA which listed three tracking numbers. At this point I thought something a little goofy was going on. Two of the numbers didn't work, the third said it was for a 6lb package. The package arrived via UPS and my immediate thought was wow that is a big box for a trigger. As soon as I opened it up, I saw why it was so big. The box contained a LPK, and an assortment of other AR parts, none of which I have much use for. At the bottom, I found a packing slip, on it, each of the parts that were in the box. As I'm scratching my head, I saw the problem, the packing slip indicated the order was for another person, a person in Kansas to be exact.

I laughed, no big deal right, this happens every now and again, I'll just call them up and we'll get it sorted out. They'll send me what I ordered and a return label and we'll call it good. I called, I got a recorded message: "We are currently assisting other customers, please call again later." I called again, and again, and again. I called I'm guessing about 100 times, no joke. I started looking for other numbers to call, everything I found either forwarded to that message, or went to one of their retail stores, where whoever answered said "I can't help you, you need to keep trying the support number."

At the end of the day I Googled Palmetto State Armory support phone and found a long list of people on complaining that they have been calling PSA for weeks trying to resolve issues and nobody will answer. Same for emails.

I decided to hit up their Facebook page. The first thing I did was click on the comments for an advertisement made earlier in the day. Two out of four comments were negative and describing very similar situations. One was a guy saying he has been calling their support number for two weeks and has yet to speak to anybody. So I made a comment of my own, briefly describing my situation, and asking for help resolving it. I started reading back through older posts, I couldn't find any more negative comments, but I saw a lot of replies from others that seemed to be directed at comments which didn't exist. I got five or six posts in and I found a comment stating that "comments seem to be disappearing." Aha, that explains it. I sat and I watched for a while, sure enough the two other negative comments were deleted. At this point, I took a screenshot of my comment, and refreshed the page to find that mine was deleted as well, and I had been banned.

[Image: 68c99f361ae8efcfe4e1f274e8c6e5db.jpg]

[Image: 6d5a423f94141222f4bbf1c86f1321bd.jpg]

Notice in the second picture I can no longer comment, that is a Facebook page ban. Were it not for my experiences with their (lack of) customer service, I would never have even found this ordeal to be worth mentioning. At this point, even if I am able to get in touch with them, I will request a return shipping label for the parts they sent me, and a full refund for my order. If I am unable to get in touch with them within a reasonable amount of time (1 week?), I will contact my credit card issuer and get the ball rolling on a chargeback.
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Okay, now my edits and adds seem to work. Apparently I need to update the JRE on my other box.

Anyway, don't waste another minute trying to contact a merchant like this. Just call the CC company and put in the charge-back, making it PSA's problem to get back the crap they erroneously sent you. Or not. That's why you pay CC companies 18-22% interest. To back you up. And they will.

The rule is, if they want their shit back, they have to pay to get it back. All of it. Packaging, everything. Don't let them pull the "ship it back to us and we'll reimburse you." Won't happen. They can issue a UPS pickup order at their expense, on their account. Otherwise, the stuff is yours to do with as you please. That's the law.

This seems to happen with PSA when they run one of their "free shipping" specials.

I dealt with them when I ordered something on free shipping and then waited days for it to ship. When it got to be too late, I needed to source local (at a higher price). I called them and they tried to ding me for a "15% restocking fee" for an item still in the queue.

No wonder. They dishonestly charge (not authorize, CHARGE) your CC for 100% of the merchandise upon order. Rather than following the proper practice of more than a decade standing of authorizing on order and charging on ship. That way, they get the "float."

That's why the 15% fee. They get back the 2-4% CC charge, PLUS they make their profit of 11-13% without even having to send the merchandise. And pay no shipping. What a deal! Money for nothing.

Well, CC companies won't stand for this garbage. Mine processed a "permanent" charge-back as soon as I called them on this. Took 5 minutes.

BTW, charge-backs also incur a fee at the merchant, and it gets worse the more they have.

Don't throw good time after wasted dealing with these kinds of clowns. They obviously think that customers who demand decent service are losers, and the problem. That's why they choose to silence you on their FB page, rather than using the info they have to call you, apologize, and offer to make it right and compensate you for your trouble. You're not going to change them. At the bottom of it, there's a "I'm always right" independent businessman who cares about customers only insofar as they stuff his bank account.

They've got your money. Take it back from them.
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I regret mentioning a few of their deals in the other thread I started.

I also noted a lot of complaints when doing a search for something unrelated.

Businesses make mistakes - that's life - but to delete stuff like that is uncalled for.

I've never ordered from them, but I've heard the name enough to be familiar with them and look them up. I won't likely be ordering anything now.
I'm sorry you had a negative experience with them. I have built two ARs entirely from their parts. Other than some delayed shipping due to fantastic sales, I had no issues.

I haven't had the misfortune of having to contact them.

A lot of good businesses are killed by poor customer service. It's a shame.
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I thought it was very important to start off mentioning that I have had a good experience with them in the past, and know many others have as well. I can understand that they are swamped with both panic buying and the holiday season. I buy a lot of stuff online, I experience a fair share of mistakes and I am generally pretty easy going with it. I wish I had not relied on my previous experience when deciding to buy from them again. It took me 5 minutes of Googling to see the hellstorm of negative rep they are getting simply due to not answering their phone and dealing with customers that they have wronged.

Since being banned on their page, I have spent most of the evening casually watching what others are posting. In the last two hours, I have seen 6 more negative comments, none of them hostile, just an overview of the situation and pleading for PSA to contact them. All 6 of the comments were deleted within 15 minutes of being posted.
The law? The law is a human institution...
Have you been taking screen shots each time?
streaker69;49553 Wrote:Have you been taking screen shots each time?

I haven't, I was browsing on my Kindle while doing the kid bathing and bed routine.
The law? The law is a human institution...
I guess they don't realize the potential of what they are doing.

You can "hide stuff", but you can't get away with it - not in today's world of networking/social media - people WILL find out.
Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I think they are overwhelmed right now.

Last month an ammo order I received was one box short. I sent them and email and got a reply within about 36 hours apologizing. The missing ammo showed up a few days later, no questions asked.

I've ordered 1000's rounds from them in the last 5 months and have an order in the works right now.
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Still no email response. Last night I called their support number after hours and was able to leave a voicemail. No return call today and again my calls today went unanswered.
The law? The law is a human institution...

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