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NEPA Gunshops
I remembered just now that "the other" forum had an old thread dedicated to rating local gun shops. I thought it was a good idea then, and still do. Here are favorites.

Bill's Sporting Goods, in Scranton. Not a dedicated gun shop, and not the best selection, but I shop here before anywhere else, if possible, because of the great service.

Gun Toter's Supply, in Eynon. Geared towards LEO sales, owned and operated by LEOs, and sometimes it shows, but I have no complaints about their services or prices. Well stocked, easy to find.

Advanced Arms, in Pittston. Who hasn't heard about this place? It's my favorite dedicated gun shop in the area, period. Great, family oriented service, knowledgeable staff, great doesn't get much better.

Piestrak's, in Nanticoke. I was up there once to sell a gun to a friend. I'd go more often if it wasn't so out of the way for me. Incredible selection of guns, especially used ones, and by all accounts, the customer service is outstanding.
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Might I ad To JAHs Great picks ? Wallenpaupack Sports In Hawley on Rt 6 and 590 intersect,Mark the owner goes way out of his way and his prices even now bear slight increase and not Gouging !
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I can be found paying on something most Saturdays at Piestraks.
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There was one right on route 6 outside Clark's summit, in the guys basement. Overpriced, stay away.
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Stay away from Golden Trigger in Emmaus
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J&G Gun Shop in Throop Pa., has some of just about everything, he will deal on price, transfers are $30.00, has ammo in stock for everyday calibers when Walmart and big box gun shops don't.

As said, Gun Toters, good shop, good prices, i have bought 4 guns there, no complaints from me, i was treated fair and with respect.
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Shyda's in Lebanon.

Inspired Cabelas I'm sure
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Dave's in Drums. My goto.
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Just went to Dave's for the first time. Hours are a little weird, but the guys, and their prices are great.

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