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New ATF eForm Submission
Here's some good news!!! This is part of an email that I received...

Quote:NFA eForms are finally here!!!! ATF is pleased to announce the implementation of the NFA forms into ATF’s eForms system. ATF Forms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10 are currently available for eForms submission.

The submission of Forms 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9 can only be done by a Federal firearms licensee who has paid the special (occupational) tax for the current Tax Year.

If the submission of the form requires fingerprints, photographs, and the Law Enforcement Certification, the submission cannot be done using eForms – the application must be submitted on paper to the NFA Branch. Accordingly, Forms 1, 4 and 5 may be submitted using eForms if the applicant maker or transferee is a legal entity, such as a corporation, trust, or LLC. The submission of the application will require that the documents establishing the legal entity be attached electronically to the application.

For Forms 1 or 4 that are submitted with making or transfer tax due, the tax payment will be made through Pay.Gov, just prior to the submission of the application. Pay.Gov is a system, of the US Treasury’s Financial Management, that allows the submitter to pay the tax by credit/debit card or from a bank account. For detailed information on you can visit their website at

So basically, if you're filing a Form 1 as a trust, LLC, or Corp.; you can sign up for eForms without being a FFL and submit it online. If you're filing a Form 4, you'll have to have your FFL/SOT file it for you. Again, this is only for filing as a trust, LLC, or Corp. Any individual applicants must file the paperwork via the mail.

This does mean that the transfer paperwork (Form 3) from dealer to dealer has sped up to a matter of less than a week. That means that your dealer can get your NFA item in much quicker than the older fax/mail method which usually took up to a month (or more). However, the Form 3 process is only sped up if BOTH FFL/SOTs are members of eForms.

Here's the link to the eForms website:
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I am wondering how this would actually impact the rate of return. If the bottleneck is something at the ATF, would doing these forms electronically speed the process up enough to reduce the wait time on the other forms?

Or, will some bureaucrat get involved, and it will double the time?
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They rolled this out 4 days after I sent in my last form 4. I talked to my buddy that is a dealer the other day about it and he was saying he heard through the grapevine that dealer to dealer transfers were completed in 2-3 days with this.

I'm also curious how this will impact overall times. The current ATF estimated turnaround time for a form 4 is 1 year.
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That is correct for the Form 3's. The approval time is a matter of days and not a month or more as with faxing them in.

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"There is no hunting like the hunting of man. And those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter."
-Ernest Hemingway
So I finally got to try this out yesterday. All I can day is and must be hosted on the same Commodore64. I almost decided to give up and mail it in but I got my payment to go through so there was no turning back. Roughly two hours after getting the payment through I was able to get the form to submit.
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