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New Forum Layout
(03-16-2017, 12:51 PM)streaker69 Wrote: I'm not going to change to a new image hosting service for the thousands of images I have hosted somewhere else.  It looks as though I can do https direct to Imageshack, but I'll have to manually add the S to the URL.  Sad really since to make any images work that are already posted, I'll have to manually change all of them.

ETA:  I'm not sure we've found the entire answer though.  Some images that are on Imageshack and using http are working, other images are not, primarily animated images are not, but still images are.

Is there something up with Gifs, and not JPG or PNG?

images have to use https or else the site will have mixed content warnings. the way to fix that is to use an image proxy that proxies any non-https images so we remain https complaint without any warnings. if you posted an image that uses http, once the post is submitted, it'll automatically be proxied.
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