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New Gun Laws & Travelling/Carrying
I searched, but I can't find the info.

Is there anywhere that the rest of you know about that has the updated laws with all these states going idiot lately?

We're travelling to NC this summer, and I plan to carry all the way down (including being disarmed in MD) and want to reacquaint myself with the rules.

I'll be carrying my Berretta with 15 round mag, hollow-points.

Want to be sure I'm legal all the way down, even if I have the gun in my console. Also need to re verify the 'duty to inform' rules for the pertinent states too.
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It looks like they are very diligent about keeping it up to date. When you look at a particular state go all the way to the bottom of that page where they list out all the dates of the most recent changes.
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