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New Holland Sportsmans Shop
The place is fairly well stocked.  Prices are higher. Its kinda hit or miss service wise.

I was in tonight and a woman was asking about handuns. The guy helping  her was very short with her with his responses, kept sighing loudly and tilting his head, showing his impatience and displeasure. She kept apologizing and saying it is their first gun, she wants to be safe. Her husband was walking around the store, looking at used rifles and shotguns or I may have interjected and helped answer some of her questions.?

Ive had both good and bad experiences here. You could expect the above attitude if you stop in. Ill go for ammo or to see a firearm before buying elsewhere.
I'm done with that place. Their prices for guns are too high and I went in there the other day looking for ammo for my Mosin and saw they had spam cans marked at $199. Yea, two hundred dollars for what can be had for as low as $65 online.
When they come for my guns; It is not my right, at that point,
but my responsibility to respond in the name of liberty.
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