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New small diameter bomb doesn’t fit inside Marines' F-35B
Quote:New small diameter bomb doesn’t fit inside Marines' F-35B

By Kris Osborn
Published March 04, 2015

Joint Strike Fighter engineers will have to make adjustments to the weapons bay of the Marine Corps variant of the F-35 so the aircraft can carry a pin point glide bomb by 2022, JSF program officials said.

The Small Diameter Bomb II, or SDB II, can acquire and track moving targets from distances up to 40 miles and is slated to enter service by 2017. However, while the weapon can be integrated into the Air Force's F-35A variant, the new weapon cannot fit into the current configuration of the Corps' F-35B short-take-off-and-landing variant of the JSF, F-35 program officials acknowledged.
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The wording of the article seems to imply that this weapon system will fit into the other variants of the plane, but just not the Corps' version. It's possible that there were design changes in the Corps' version that were overlooked. Think about the complexity of designing not only the plane itself, but also the variants needed as well as all the various weapon systems. These systems are being designed by multiple companies and all documentation available may not have been made available to everyone.

Having worked in a defense contractor in the past, it's not uncommon for design changes to be overlooked and have to be fixed later. Sometimes the guys writing the spec's write them so they can be interpreted differently and then cause failures in the field. I had to retest 300+ units one time because the spec that the contract called for testing the units to was different than what the actual Navy was testing them too. Once we found that was the problem, the navy provided us with a piece of equipment so we could double test, once with our gear and once with theirs.
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You're missing the bigger picture--now they need new planes.

Didn't you ever buy a new set of floor-mats, only to find that they didn't fit into your car and then had buy yourself a new truck just so you could use them?
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The Marine variant is the VSTOL version. The bomb bay is shortened to allow room for the vertical thrust fan.

They probably spec'ed the bomb bay dimensions before the SDB was accepted for acquisition. This is a typical problem when you deal with the long lead times of pentagon acquisitions.

I am guessing they will produce a shorter variant of the SDB with a reduced warhead.
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