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New York City Council approves ban on e-cigarette 'vaping' in public
Everyone has a bad day. Kiss and make up guys. Sober is a good guy... I was never offended. Confuzeled yes, offended no and he has every right to take my post the wrong way Smile

If you don't know how the term confuzzeled came about I suggest watching this movie and if you've never seen this movie watch it anyway..

Mary and Max (2009)

Dave;129527 Wrote:
soberbyker;129459 Wrote: Hey it's your fantasy, enjoy.

Subtle and cute.

Out of respect then I’ll then write more bluntly. Although I concede and more than understand that my posting style may not sit well with some, I more than reject the insulting hint that I post anything just for effect or to cause trouble. It’s a lie, plain and simple. I stand behind each and every post without hesitation as it’s a true reflection on how I feel about the given subject. Don’t like it? Argue the merits if you wish but I’ll be damned if I will be bullied in silence or dismissed as drivel.

Speaking of standing behind every post, why don’t you post links to 3-4 examples of where I have followed you around in the stalking manner you described so everybody, including me, knows what the hell you are talking about. I’m under no illusion that you will actually do it but one should not be allowed to post such slanderous lies without some accountability.

I honestly don’t know what turned a once friendly whatever you call it to such bitterness but I really have no clue what the fuck you are talking about here and your PM. Point out where I have wronged you and if wrong I will apologize, won’t be the first time even though I’m such a know it all. But if it’s just the case of being overly sensitive and defensive the hurt feelings are out of my hands.

BTW, I’m doing this publically only because of the publically made stalking BS, which thankfully was done on line instead of in person.
Dave;129527 Wrote:~snip~

I’m under no illusion that you will actually do it

which thankfully was done on line instead of in person.

Seeing how this is a holiday week and I have things to do other than satisfy you it may take a little time to get back to this but I will. It shouldn't be that hard, but there are a lot of posts to wade through. You do enjoy coming off as knowing more than everyone else, yes your writing style is very condescending. You are one of a few folks here that think you're the only one who knows how things are and are very good at dancing the fine line of not outright trolling. I know it's been talked about behind the scenes here, and I have actually defended you. Somewhere, and I hope I can find it, you said something to me directly that changed my mind about you, made me start to look at your responses to my posts a little harder.

Here's a little something after a quick search, were you pretty only respond to my posts, even though a couple others seemed to be in agreement with my thoughts on the matter.

BTW what was the last subtle message referring too?
First off unless one can predict next week’s lottery numbers they shouldn’t try to predict the thoughts or feelings of others. In this case you are dead wrong as to what I think, feel and enjoy.

OK, I’ve read that thread twice and still don’t get how it’s stalking you. Or is it a simple case of me daring to disagree with you which is now considered stalking? Or is anything more than one disagreement per thread considered stalking?

About the context, which is a different issue: That thread is a few months old and I still don’t see how anybody reading what a kid posted publically is an infringement of their rights. I also still think it’s silly to use the First They Came For… in that situation, especially since the context of First They Came for is directly related to being hauled off to the gas chamber.

To me it was a simple case of you posting your view and me posting mine. How is that stalking? How is it that you can post X and it’s ok but if I post Y it’s automatically trolling? I’m guessing when you posted there you thought you were right. As did I about my posts. So how is Bill thinking he is right ok yet Dave is considered being a know it all? Maybe a better question would be why did one not give a second thought to a disagreement of views while the other felt personally insulted?

Your over sensitivity and defensiveness is all over that thread too.

soberbyker;118653 Wrote:Hey, I don't care that you don't care, but I get the feeling you just wanted to try and get a rise out of me, you do that from time to time with folks here, and the other place, for kicks.

NO! I honestly posted my views which were different than yours. It’s not trolling. It’s a lie that I was trying to get a rise out of you for kicks.

If it’s my writing style that offends you, fine – just say that and believe it or not I may even agree in some circumstances. But for F sake don’t accuse me of stalking and don’t dare to question my motives as sinister because I will fight those lies tooth and nail right up to the point when I’m banned.

ExcelToExcel;129536 Wrote:Everyone has a bad day. Kiss and make up guys. Sober is a good guy...

LOL Trust me that the ill feelings are only held by one person. I too think that he seems to be a good guy. You one the other hand may be the anti Christ but still funny Big Grin
Dave, proudly annoying members of since Sep 2012.
i wonder how long before blowing your nose in public will be banned
"Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity"

goofin, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.
So lets see Dave, in this thread I think I'm being helpful so I post something about the vapor crap from the American Lung Association, excel posts calling what I posted a bullshit scare & posts a bunch of other BS scare stuff, then you jump in and chastise me for responding to excel, yea, that looks like how it went.

I found the thread on PAFOA where it all started for me with you, it was in the James Gandolfini died thread, (I know you won't be able to see it at the moment since you were banned for antagonizing someone else over there) I said I didn't like the way The Sopranos ended, you said it was brilliant and posted a link to something explaining the ending, I said I had already seen that explanation of the ending and you said "Sorry, I forgot who I was talking to." as if it wasn't possible for me to have read that already, which I had, a year or so prior.

It was that statement that made me to start looking at your posts in a different light. I know how I took it, of course you'll put some kind of spin on it suggesting my soul was hurt (what the hell does that mean anyway, I don't have a soul, sold it years ago to the devil?).

Bottom line for me Dave, you have a way of offering your "opinion" that says I'm right you're wrong. All a person has to do is look up your posts, plenty of belittling comments to go around. I'm not the only one that you've done it with, you're very abrasive that way, and yes, you seem to enjoy it, putting little smiley faces at the end doesn't make what you've said any less derogatory. The thread I pointed to earlier was just another example of you pouncing on someone, in this case me. Other's here seemed to agree that vaping isn't healthy yet it was only my posts you jumped on.

In any event, put whatever spin on this post ya want, I've wasted too much of what little time I have left above the dirt on this and you.

Get your last word in and allow the tread to get back on topic.
Actually I’ll let your post stand as it is for exactly what it is. Have a Merry Christmas!
Dave, proudly annoying members of since Sep 2012.

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