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Newest addition, 10/22 takedown
I've been looking for one of these for a while now but didn't want to buy one site unseen. With everything that's been going on lately the prices have been through the roof but I finally found this one yesterday at Gander Mountain for $349. They've been bringing around $550 on gunbroker but Cabelas had them for $279 on black friday. Now I need to find a few of the Ruger 25 round magazines, they were selling for $25 but now are $100 online. Not crazy about all the plastic on it (trigger, trigger guard, band for the barrel, etc.) but it is what it is and I wanted one, lol. Haven't shot it yet but here it is:

[Image: 20130118_115007.jpg]

[Image: 20130118_115102.jpg]

[Image: 20130118_115222.jpg]
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Nice! I need to purchase a 10/22 someday...1 gun I still don't have! LOL!
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RocketFoot;69121 Wrote:Nice! I need to purchase a 10/22 someday...1 gun I still don't have! LOL!

Yeah, I kept saying the same thing then when the takedown came out I was glad I waited. The bad thing is that it won't take all of the million accessories that are made for the regular 10/22. I would like to put a tactical stock on it but can't find one yet and I'm sure the barrels are different. They seem to be pretty popular so I'm sure aftermarket accessories for it will come out sooner or later. The receiver is the same so anything for that should be ok.

Another reason I bought it was because I thought it would be fun and cheap for the kids to shoot. I didn't really want to spend the money right after Christmas but they are hard to find and who knows if they are going to be deemed a "military type weapon of war with a high capacity bullet clip" since they are just like an AR-15 and shoot the same sized bullet Rolleyes

I was showing my wife the pictures of one online and she said "That's nice, I like how it comes apart and fits in that case." I heard, "You better go get that before someone else buys it.", lol.
jerkin, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.
Got my daughter a SS regular 10/22 and a couple Buttler Creek 25rd mags as well as a Tapco stock, Volqourtsen trigger, bolt mod. That thing is
1) Accurate
2) Fun as heck!
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Two words, folding stock.
[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]
They showed off a tactical version of the takedown at shot. It got my attention enough to consider buying one.
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