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Nightclub Confiscates man's firearm
Police: Club security took man's legally-owned gun, demanded $500 before returning it

Quote:SCRANTON - City police are investigating a report that security at a North Scranton after-hours club took a city man's gun then forced him to pay $500 to get it back early Sunday.
Sounds like one of those hunters who claim to be pro 2A. He just let them take it without question. Angry
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What a bunch of thieves. I would have my lawyer on the phone really quick!

Speaking of lawyer, has Gunlawer showed up over here yet? I'd be interested in his input on this topic.

No way in hell would I ever hand over my firearm. The only way they would be getting it is prying it from my cold dead hand.

I see there was some ignorant Anti-2A making comments on that page and they got deleted after a few PA2A members reamed him out.
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That's extortion, hopefully someone gets punished appropriately for it.
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I would never hand my gun over to some security guard and if they took it from me, I would be calling 911, stolen firearm.
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Did you read the comments?
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Trolls will be trolls. You know who you are.

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(09-11-2012, 08:25 AM)Normanvin Wrote: Did you read the comments?

I can't bring myself to read comments on news sites when it pertains to firearms.  I'm trying to NOT get myself all fired up every day Wink

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(09-11-2012, 08:25 AM)Normanvin Wrote: Did you read the comments?

I saw the comment last night that he should have been arrested on the spot for carrying a gun into a night club. I try so hard not to read those comments but I always do, and I always get angry.
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Hmmm...the comments are as dopey as the is one persuaded by a nightclub bouncer to relinquish his weapon?

I can tell sounds like more of a grab than a giveaway.

The citizen relieved of his weapon should be filing charges.
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That club is just 5 minutes down the road from me. Honestly, I'm surprised that no one was shot during the incident. Like the security guards, for example. How, or why, did that guy let them disarm him? If it were a gun grab, I would've responded as if it were some guy on the street: with force.
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