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No-skilled know-it-all
I have been lucky enough not to have had much experience with these types of students. But they expose themselves pretty easily. I'm going to give my fellow instructors a little info on what to look for. 

99% of the time the student is a male over the age of 65, who claims to have been shooting his entire life. They walk into class like it's part of some community service they've been mandated to take.  They love playing "stump the instructor". Asking totally irrelevant questions off of the subject matter. Because of course they know everything and feel some need to prove that they are more knowledgeable than and entire instructor staff. 

When that fails, their tactics change and they begin expressing their dislike of certain firearms.  Most of the time Glock is mentioned. Yet I'm certain that they couldn't pick a Glock out of a lineup of similar sized and color pistols. But some others are targeted.  It's a very long list, though. Here it is:

Anything not a 1911
Anything not an engraved double barrel shotgun
Anything AR or AK
Anything they don't own
Everything others own

Sound familiar yet??

Now as the day goes on and the closer it gets for the class to head to the line, for live fire exercises, they kick it into high gear. Now the reason for their behavior becomes very, very clear.  Somehow, they feel that all their distraction, disruption and challenges will shroud the fact that they are about to become known as the most unskilled, unsafe and unworthy person to be on that line. At least around other shooters. Beacuse if you are "so knowledgeable" that you refuse to listen to your instructor and follow the simplest of range commands and rules, you will find yourself escorted off my line. 

Now if anyone reading this is smart enough to realize that this sounds a lot like you, do yourself, the instructors and fellow students a favor and stay home and spend your money elsewhere.

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Those who should heed your last bit of advise will never know it was directed at themselves. 

They are present in all walks of life. I take joy in exposing them for what they really are.
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It's not just in firearms classes, these are the types of people that try to tell FFL's how to run their businesses and they "know" all the laws.  I had one tell me to my face that suppressors are totally ILLEGAL in PA.  I countered with "Then why did the BATFE issue me the (basically a permit to do business) SOT so that I could deal in suppressors"?  "Well, the ATF probably doesn't know they are illegal in PA"  Huh  After a few more of these types of conversations (told me he was a "vet" and thought that I should give him a huge discount because of this) I fired him as a customer and told him never to come back.

They are in all walks of life,,,,,SIGH
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