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Non-ballistic armor
So, these riots and such have had me looking over non ballistic protection bits and pieces, and I've been hard pressed to think "why not?" Given the much lower weight and price.

I have a ACH helmet already, but I am looking at the "d3o" armor components. D3O (and that's the letter not a zero) is a unique nano compound that is flexible until the moment of impact. Upon a forceful impact such as a blunt weapon, impact with the ground, or... if under a bullet proof vest, the entire structure becomes instantly rigid and displaces the force over the entire area of the pad section. Is what I am looking at for under ballistic armor on the torso. There are some videos on their site that shows the product in actual use, and more on YouTube

I am also looking at articulated knee and elbow hard armor (usually motocross has some very good gear, like this
And since you can buy sheets of d3o, you can replace the lesser foam and have more protection.

The reason I am looking into this is primarily because it is very light weight and allows for natural movement, yet still offers excellent protection. Like with the knee stuff... if you slip and fall in bad terrain, the d3o is going to be molded around your knee as it is soft, but then becomes a rigid brace maintaining your joint position to stop any additional torquing/twisting.

The addition of shin protection is a must, too. A few years ago I slipped on a fallen tree and came down right on my shin and got a small fracture and a massive hematoma. I could barely walk to get back to camp. The idea of that shit happening again actually makes me a bit nauseous.

If anyone has any thoughts or advice on these types of kit, please chime in. No trolling, please, or I will find you and I will bring that fucking tree with me.
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What's so new about this stuff? Anyone who had a Stretch-Arm-Strong when they were a kid already understood how this tech works. SAS was all stretchy and soft when squeezed or pulled, but if you slugged your brother with it you'd knock him out cold.

This suggests a whole new line of thinking in conspiracy theories. The government has been testing ballistics tech on unsuspecting children since the 1970s.
Ammunition, it's the new lead bullion. Buy it cheap and stack it deep.
If you are looking from something in a plate carrier type deal, AR500 Armor sells trauma pads that might be what you are looking for.
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sgtsandman;160818 Wrote:If you are looking from something in a plate carrier type deal, AR500 Armor sells trauma pads that might be what you are looking for.

No, I'm looking at above elbow to over wrist, and above knee to above ankle. Maybe something for the neck, too. This material would allow for total flexibility but at the moment of impact it provides protection from blunt trauma like an exoskeleton.
tolerance for failure meter... LOW
My misunderstanding.

I looked at similar. It's out there but anything for those areas, even non balistic isn't cheap. Hell, it costs almost as much to buy a set of upper arm protectors as it does to buy a vest with level III plates!
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It looks pretty interesting. It's not something I would have ever considered until reading your post to be honest. Now I'm sitting here weighing it out in my mind trying to figure out if it is something I should do.
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