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"Not a hate crime"
RugerGirl, you totally missed my point. The simple fact that the victim was white is not enough to say it was a hate crime. That is the same logic people were using for Michael Brown BEFORE the evidence was made public.

Unless there is evidence I have not seen, you have no legitimate reason to claim this was a race-based crime.
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Shadowline;157744 Wrote:Based on the information I've seen, you have just as much reason to label the killing of the Bosnian man a hate crime as the people in Ferguson have to label the Brown killing a hate crime.

All you have is the color of the deceased person's skin, and the color of the person that killed him. There is no other evidence I can see that says either was a hate crime.

Well, you do have witnesses claiming they were shouting "kill all white people", a sentiment that has been gaining popularity on social media and being promoted by black "leadership".

And the two incidents are not at all comparable. Mike Brown was killed in self defense during the commission of violent felonies against a person HE ATTACKED FIRST. These filthy barbarians attacked this man without any other provocation besides the color of his skin. It wasn't a robbery, it wasnt a sex assault, they weren't trying to intimidate him into buying phony designer merchandise. It was a planned and specific attack as evidenced by the fact that they procured the weapons and targeted up to three different people who were all WHITE.
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Shadowline;157782 Wrote:Unless there is evidence I have not seen, you have no legitimate reason to claim this was a race-based crime.

I posted evidence in the thread that racist things were being screamed by the thugs before the killing.
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How long is it going to take before white people start shooting the vermin where they stand? The whole minority racism Shit has gone on long enough. To hell with diversity, screw taking Shit from these animals. The next time the riot, kill everything that's protesting. White black Asian Hispanic and Indian. Hard to use the race card when you don't discriminate.[/u]
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Random thoughts:

It is really not a good time to be white in America right now.

I saw Philly had their "die in" today. Glad I wasn't down there. I try to avoid it.

Today at work my super nice AA boss and I were chatting, and we were talking about how sad the whole Bill Cosby thing is. But neither of us dares to bring up the elephant in the room--Ferguson. I really want to ask him, someday, what we can do to make this better. As a country. Other than, well, die.. His mom grew up down south, I assume during the tail end of segregation....she's in her upper 50's, and I don't know the timeline down there for that. She's really nice too but I wonder what she thinks about all this. I guess of anyone she could have reason to be upset with whites but I'm so ready to put this behind us.....I feel like our government is trying to start a civil war. Why???

I am seeing more and more articles on the news about white cops killing black guys. But nobody mentions the one in Utah. The Bosnian murder is being covered up to some extent. This "Hands up" thing isn't going away.

I'm seriously a teeny bit concerned that more and more whites are going to be slaughtered in the streets.....the Bosnian guy's murder was reminiscent of the brutal racial killings down south decades ago. Our government needs to stop this, calm everybody down, instead of just turning their backs and encouraging it by their silence.
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