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NRA Blended training reviewed
I use to teach NRA Basic pistol to 10 students a month. (I have access to 10-22 Buckmarks.)
I was on-board initially with the idea of a blended NRA training transition. I understand the liability on the NRA as they try to coral 100,000 "Certified" instructors. (Not all are/were pistol BTW)
I wrote a few e mails to the training department with changes I thought would help, they dodged and disagreed. As I explained to them that after they enforced the Blended change, my classes went to to ZERO. When I complained they told me the real problem was there weren't enough classes scheduled. (?!?!?) I was forced to give up the range rental and was lucky to not be charged. To date I have not completed one Basic Pistol class since the Blended started. No Basic Pistol hit me in the Personal Protection In and Out of the Home classes as well.

Problems with the blended in my opinion.
  • It was too long, 6 to 8 hours of online training for Phase 1.
  • It was expensive at 60 dollars, with no discounts for membership or for joining. No group discounts or offerings.
  • No way to confirm the person coming to the Phase 2 part(With an Instructor and live firing)actually took the course. You could go online and say you were your neighbor and print out his/her certificate for Phase 1) Then the Instructor would be forced to revisit and really train all Phase 2 students.
  • Not everyone has Internet access. Elitist.
At the annual meeting last year there was a near mutiny as standing room only group of over 500 Instructors wanted to voice their hatred of the program, they were shut down.  So now, looks like a friend from Florida did the right thing and got all the Board involved.  Changes are coming. What are they?  Unknown at this time. We should know by April.  However the good news is the NRA has admitted it failed.  See link below.

I am very happy.

Read news here
Dannytheman, proud to be a member of pa2a.org since Sep 2012.
Better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it!

NRA Certified Instructor
Chief Range Safety Officer
Certified TASER and OC Spray Instructor
NRA Benefactor Member

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