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NRA gun insurance.
Any reason not to take advantage of the free 2500 bucks of gun insurance from the NRA?

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None that I am aware of. My father has had it and the accident insurance since he joined eons ago and has no complaints. He has never had to use it though.
The law? The law is a human institution...
insurance? hell id like to get my membership card
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goofin;74296 Wrote:insurance? hell id like to get my membership card

I just got mine today. I think you joined a couple days or maybe even a week after I did, not positive on the dates but I remember the discussions.
The law? The law is a human institution...
A friend of mine had to use it for a stolen black widow luger. I think they gave him 2500.00 not sure, but they paid pretty quick.
EDIT: Try collectibles insurance. Several years back i had 60,000 worth for 230.00 a year. No serial numbers needed.
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Seeing as how it comes FREE with one's membership and I have never heard anything negative about it, I don't see why not to get it.

If fact, that is why my wife is a member...
Yeah I signed up. They offer reasonable additional insurance as well, since I have more than 2500 in guns.

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