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NRA loses Act 192 lawsuit in PA courts

Quote:Despite the NRA having a sizable membership base in Pennsylvania, the gun-rights organization suffered a serious setback today as one of the state's appellate courts has ruled unconstitutional a controversial new law.

Described once as a "cynical giveaway to one powerful industry group," Act 192 allowed for "any Pennsylvanian eligible to own a gun to challenge any local gun law," explains Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Brian O'Neill, "even if they don't live in the locality." In other words, NRA members in Butler County could challenge gun control laws in Philadelphia. Even more than that, the law allowed for certain "membership organizations," like the NRA, to challenge gun control laws itself on behalf of members in Pennsylvania.

Keep in mind it's just the ruling from Commonwealth Court today

PA Supreme Court is still yet to go.
What difference does it make? I'll still carry my guns wherever, whenever and however I want in accordance with state and federal law no matter what some borough, township, city etc thinks they can prohibit. Those who wish to enact and enforce illegal gun free zones above and beyond state and federal law are still committing a misdemeanor of the first degree.
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You might be able to say that because we have a supremacy clause in PA, but not all states have supremacy clauses so watch out if you travel out of state.

Even with a supremacy clause it still doesn't stop a prosecution from happening, including an arrest. It just ensures a very good chance at defeating and crushing a local ordinance should the local yokels attempt to "get tough", which nearly all of them won't because they don't want to face another Heller much less economic damages. The smaller the jurisdiction, the more fearful they are of it.
In the mean-time, however, a lot of locales had already amended their local ordinances (often at the behest of their insurance companies, who threatened to drop them or at very least exclude coverage for related legal actions).

Doylestown Borough and Township were among those.
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