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NRA News conference transcript ... December 21, 2012
When in Rome, you speak Latin to the Romans.

Right now, even Hollywooders whom have starred in Tarantino's flicks are talking about violence in movies and video games. We need to piggyback on that dialog and use it. Push the point of the dagger in deeper.

Tackle the 1A issues later, after we've gotten the people to climb down off the runaway terror train to Hoplophobialand. Now is not the time to foam at the mouth about protecting ourselves from the gov. We all know that's an issue, but it's speaking Germanic to the Romans. They will not comprehend it and it will scare them even more.

Talk about their children's safety and how much this country values the safety of celebs, money and possessions more than it does their children. Appeal to the right emotions, not the wrong ones. I never looked at it from that angle. It was nice touch. I think it caught the antis off guard and now they're pissed as hell. Good.
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As someone who enjoys violent video games and media I am fine with the NRA putting the spot light on it since it attacks industries that are ruled by Liberals, so the blame for violence will be placed on them. People will never ban these forms of entertainment in the end but it will show that blame cannot be placed on any one group. Hopefully it will show that only a serious effort into fixing mental health issues and securing our schools will fix the issue.

Thinking about it the NRA was right to suggest hiring retired LEO's and Military to protect our schools, how many people are coming out of the military but cannot find jobs right now? Opening up new jobs in school security would kill two birds with one stone. It would employ our jobless veterans and keep the children safe. What a novel idea. Smile
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Wayne LaPierre Responds to President Obama's Inaugural Address

It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"

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