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andrewjs18;96343 Wrote:
Dave;96299 Wrote:[Image: true+self.jpg]

hopefully he doesn't vote for mass murdering, power tripping, political hacks like you do! Wink

But at least they vote
"Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity"

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Camper;96359 Wrote:
andrewjs18;96343 Wrote:hopefully he doesn't vote for mass murdering, power tripping, political hacks like you do! Wink

Now now, I'm sure that if he really believed they were mass murderers he would DO something about it rather than complain Tongue

the 20th century was a glorious time for the statists with their 200-300M dead humans and all..

goofin;96361 Wrote:
andrewjs18;96343 Wrote:hopefully he doesn't vote for mass murdering, power tripping, political hacks like you do! Wink

But at least they vote

yeah, for these types of people: mass murderers, power trippers and rights destroyers.
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Ill surmise this is the last response because you know how rediculius and hypocritical your statement is. If the guy painted his house as a gadsden flag you'd be fine with it.. you know it to be true. You'd probably shout how wonderful it is but oncw its something you dont like... blah blah blah there should be a law blah blah blah twist some law to use against them blah blah blah and some more blah blah blah.

billamj;96078 Wrote:
andrewjs18;96060 Wrote:I'm assuming that your greater than and less than example above is supposed to mean that X being a flag is less of a risk, therefore it should be more acceptable? if so, that's absolutely ridiculous.

when the constitution was written, they used muskets. do you have a right to carry a gun newer than a musket? if so, why? wouldn't a musket trump a glock for its historical significance?

Last response to you in this thread. If you are going out of your way to harass someone, then it's on your head when they, the township, or whomever comes down on you. It is much harder to sell, at least to intelligent people, that a 3' x 5' flag is alleged harassment than it is to sell someone going out of their way to paint a building in a manner that a 4 year old could tell was meant to annoy and harass.

In reality he is absolutely correct and everyons else is a moron. While going around ths mountain and the lake might make it easier for you if you're not a moron you fly there. . You're not an idiot, I know this, regardless everyone goes through a brain fart phase. When you get to the other side you'll understand that you can't trust others to dictate how you live and that you can't even trust yourself to tell others how to live their lives which is why smart people say stuff like liberty and freedom repetatively. It's called intellectal honesty and self realization.

Dave;96087 Wrote:Don't know why you guys continue to try to make any sense of Andy. He reads cool slogans on the Internet and then pretends that these are his core beliefs. Putting aside that he never ever actually lives by any of his so called core beliefs, he will always win the forum debate because he only spouts the purity of theory. Freedom? Yeah! Tyranny? Boo!

Reminds me of the guy given a compass and told that his destination is due north. While those who have taken the trip many times before may try to educate him that on the way he would need to walk around lakes and mountains, he continues to point at the compass and yabber that the destination is north and any variation off true north is wrong. Well, in theory he is correct. In real life? Not so much.

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