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O'Reilly interview with Obama
#1 They will show the whole thing tomorrow night but man is this guy slick. This President has no shame.
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That was a great interview with Obama. All the issues have been cleared related to the country..
Didn't waste my time. Like the last interview, Obama played O'Reilly like a Strat. Those who support Obama are going to continue, as will those who oppose him, but what Obama was going for was the undecided. Always in campaign mode, he first took to the airwaves, after repeatedly turning interview requests by O'Reilly down. FOX News, viewed by liberals as their antithesis was NOT the forum Obama wanted to be seen in, until the last minute, when he still needed to woo the undecided. Agreeing to interview with the "opposition" showed he had backbone, even though Bill pitched "softballs", for which helped Obama win the election by demonstrating to moderates that Obama wasn't really that bad of a guy after all. Now, with poll numbers slipping, he once again takes to the air, in a "Hail Mary" attempt on Super Bowl Sunday, the largest viewing audience possible, and benevolently grants O'Reilly, who like a sap agrees, another interview. O'Reilly, wanting to redeem himself from all of the heat he took over the first soft sided interview, ratchets up the questions apparently, wanting to look like the tough guy once again. The net effect? O 'Reilly now thinks his tough guy image has returned, although most conservatives like me are starting to turn the channel and so hopefully his precious ratings will start to slip, if they haven't already. Obama supporters will continue to support him, but what Obama is hoping for is some DEFENSE against the 2014 midterm elections in that the Democrats don't take a SAFETY over Obamacare.
Please, therefore, don't get caught up in the hype. SACK the liberal Democrats, and BENCH the moderate Republican leadership. Vote conservative and get America back in the game. Send O'Reilly back to the minors until he learns to humble himself.
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