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Oathkeepers offers free gun training to teachers
Quote:Constitutionalist military and police group offers teachers free gun training

Educators who wish to avail themselves of it will be provided free self-defense and firearms training, a national organization representing active duty and retired military and law enforcement personnel announced Sunday on its website.

Oath Keepers, a group of service personnel and emergency responders who promote that their oath to support and defend the Constitution takes precedence over all other considerations, offered the resources of its 20,000 members nationwide to educators as a response to Friday’s school shooting in Connecticut.

“The organization pledges to keep their identity confidential, but will also offer group lessons or to come to the school to teach the staff on-site,” the announcement promised.

“Children deserve to be defended,” Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes observed. “And the teachers and staff who are responsible for children during the school day deserve to know how to defend them – effectively, decisively, and at the very outset of an attack.

“And they deserve a fighting chance to defend themselves as well,” Rhodes continued. “It is not enough to tell them to sit tight and wait for the police to arrive. All too often, by the time the police get there, it is too late.”

Rhodes’ comments stand in stark contrast to statements issued by politically-connected career-minded police chiefs such as Tim George of Medford, Ore., who, as Gun Rights Examiner reported yesterday, maintained “"In crisis situations there are a lot of very complex things happening all at once and you have to constantly train for deadly force incidents.”

“Evidently 16 hours per year equates with ‘constantly," this column observed with no small amount of irony.

Still, such automatic, scripted dismissal of what should be an obviously necessary, prudent and common sense measure is not universal among professional police administrators, as St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner Kurt Hofmann reported earlier today.

“How else can you protect these kids, short of arming officials in the school with proper training and having these firearms available to them?”

Hofmann quoted St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch, noting it was a local union official who put the kibosh on that idea by proffering the unsubstantiated fear that somehow students would appropriate the guns.

Hofmann also cited another police chief who fell back on the training excuse.

That, of course, is what Oath Keepers is offering to rectify, and it’s not like they’re suggesting a wholly novel and untried experiment.

As this column observed over the weekend, armed teachers have made a significant difference in thwarting terror attacks in both Israel and Thailand.

And the experience is not just foreign. story filed yesterday reports “Certain teachers … carry guns daily at the K-12 school” in the Harrold, Texas, Independent School District, a measure endorsed by Gov. Rick Perry.

In a related development, Michigan's Republican Gov. Rick Snyder today vetoed a bill to allow school carry for concealed handgun permit holders that had been approved by the legislature.

As demands from citizen disarmament proponents for greater defenselessness in the face of violent evil become louder and more strident, as gun owners increasingly feel their most cherished rights are under mob assault and there’s nothing to do but cover up and endure the building storm, some, those we should be following, are offering solutions, things that can be implemented soon, and without great public cost, measures that have been proven, and demonstrably, the only thing that can stop an active school invader in mid-attack. This is what gun owners can, and must embrace as the only "conversation" worth having.
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"

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