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Obama 'Concocting New Power Grabs'; Media Ignore

Keith Koffler says... "President Obama is already busy concocting new power grabs."

That's plural: "grabs."

He wants to remove a portion of the power of the purse from Congress by granting himself the ability to raise the debt ceiling, subject to a two-thirds disapproval vote in Congress, which basically means he can raise it at will. If Bush had tried this, Democrats would be sobbing anguished tears all over the floors of Congress about the imperial presidency.

And the White House, in an unusual interference with congressional procedure, has weighed in with support for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s effort to roll back the filibuster, which currently requires 60 votes to end.

"And where's the media?" I ask rhetorically.

There's one "minority" group the left not only doesn't care about, but is also eager to exterminate -- and that's the most precious and vulnerable minority group in America: The Individual. The Senate filibuster is meant to protect the minority, and that protection is the cornerstone of a democracy intentionally designed to ensure the majority does not rule.

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on America's road is tyranny. The stage was set with Obamacare being ruled constitutional. If the government can order you to buy insurance, they can order you to buy (or not buy) anything else. As the dollar sinks lower, as economic stagflation causes tax revenues to dry up despite tax hikes, as America's credit is cut off-look for an ever more desperate federal government to continue its power grab and assault on the Constitution. I never thought I'd see this happening in America.
"In 4 more OMao years you won't like how America looks....I guarantee it."
“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” -- Thomas Jefferson

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