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Obama: Congress Must Ban Any Gun “Not Necessary For Hunters”…

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Connal;73185 Wrote:
Camper;73106 Wrote:I say we not give a fuck who voted who, band together, beat the shit out of any AWB, and then piss in each others eyes over who they voted for AFTER the threat is neutralized.

At least someone can see the threat. We are dividing ourselves here. Rather than bash a fudd, educate one. Rather than bitch and moan about an election that is already done, stand beside your fellow patriots.

If we unite, we will come out on top. But we have to drop the petty bullshit. And that goes for everyone. I don't care who voted for the piece of shit, and I don't care if we all agree on the extent of gun rights.

What I care about, is in six months when supplies are back to normal, I want to swim in pmags.

So if everyone could pass the word that I think we need to work together as AMERICANS. I would greatly appreciate it.

I think we're more united than ever. Proof? Look what happened at the Harrisburg Sports Show.
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