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Obama floats making voting mandatory, calling it 'potentially transformative'
I've always said if you want to make drug testing mandatory to receive welfare, then you should also show proof every year that you voted in order to keep your benefits.

That last part I don't think any tea party folk want to run up the flagpole and salute it.

Not voting is in and of-itself actually voting. What you're doing by not voting is handing your vote over to partisans who do vote.

Yes, with 20% participation rates that means 80% of the population is having no direct say in who represents them, but non-voters trust that they won't be excited about the outcome enough to care, which is why they don't bother to vote.

If you dump all these non-voters into the mix it complicates politicians who pander as the silent majority won't be silent anymore. It would also hurt partisans terribly because the majority of Americans pick-and-mix policies they agree with (which is why so many people score as libertarians when tested).

Current Democrats and Republicans would hurt a lot over this kind of measure as extremists on both sides are pushed out and centrism becomes the norm.

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