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Obama is going to win
Perhaps it is just the pessimist in me, but lately I've had this overwhelming sense of foretelling that this election is going to Obama.

Obviously we are all hoping that this isn't the case!! Has anybody else had the same ominous feeling??? ConfusedConfused
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I've been feeling that way for the last 4 years and just growing more certain of it the closer we get. I don't want it, I actively speak out against it, but deep inside I feel no faith in the American people.
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I don't know. Sometimes I feel like he will, other times I feel like he won't.

The fact that the media is keeping quiet on the polls, instead of jerking themselves blind like they did in 2008, makes me wonder.

This time 4 years ago you couldn't look at ANYTHING without hearing about how Obama was going to win, where as's awfully quiet with not a whole lot of people feeling confident that Obama will win.

No matter who wins, however, I think ultimately we'll all lose...but I do believe we'll lose less with Romney.
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Camper;33898 Wrote:No matter who wins, however, I think ultimately we'll all lose...but I do believe we'll lose less with Romney.

The law? The law is a human institution...
Yes, he will win. Not legitimately, but he will win. Going to be hard to overcome massive fraud like that being reported in Ohio (van loads of Somalis being driven to the polls by Democratic operatives, Romney votes appearing as Obama votes, etc.).
I really don't think he's going to win....however if the fraud is more rampant than I'm willing to believe, than he very well may, and then we're in heap big trouble.

Saw they are putting military trucks out for people from the hurricane to vote in paper ballots. THAT sounds safe.... Undecided
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Romney will win and he will get over 300 electoral votes.
A second Oterm has been ordained, as was the first.

That has been clear to me since his key note address at Kerry’s D convention.
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I have a nagging suspicion this guy is going to "win" again. And by "win". he will not accept defeat. We've seen what he and his are capable of with Fast n Furious, as well as Benghazigate.

November 6th and 7th are going to be really "interesting". Batten down like you did for Sandy......
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