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Obama is so funny
So today's headlines are that Obama says that if we create more jobs, the terrorists will back off and be happier and we can be headed for world peace. Basically. In a nutshell.

So much fail in our "leader".

I totally single religion causes terrorism, because we can't forget about the tea party, right? Total terrorists. And we are such a great example of tolerance...with our states arresting gun collectors and our freedom of speech being limited to that which is politically correct....preach on!

Quote:WASHINGTON – President Obama defended his administration’s approach to the terror threat at a White House summit Wednesday, standing by claims that groups like the Islamic State do not represent Islam -- as well as assertions that job creation could help combat extremism.

Obama, addressing the Washington audience on the second day of the summit, said the international community needs to address “grievances” that terrorists exploit, including economic and political issues.

He stressed that poverty alone doesn’t cause terrorism, but “resentments fester” and extremism grows when millions of people are impoverished.

“We do have to address the grievances that terrorists exploit including economic grievances,” he said.

He also said no single religion was responsible for violence and terrorism, adding he wants to lift up the voice of tolerance in the United States and beyond.
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Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck: it's an asshole!
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But he also thinks the private sector does not create jobs.

So these jobs he wants the terrorists to have will be government union jobs paid for by the taxpayer. He basically, wants to socialize terrorism.

I cannot wait for this clown to finish his term.
What do you want from a "One World Order" Marxist? When he said he wanted to fundamentally change this country, he didn't say it would be in a good way.
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By "so funny" you must actually mean "a giant POS, waste of skin".
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spblademaker;162017 Wrote:By "so funny" you must actually mean "a giant POS, waste of skin".

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Obama attacks EVERY issue from the ONLY platform he knows, that of a Community Organizer. He has absolutely no understanding of Islamic Terrorism, going so far as to referring to the analogously as a bunch of street hood rats that could become productive citizens if only they had a job. Major Hassan had a job, and believed in the Jihadi cause. The President, therefore, doesn't understand that it is part of the extremist Muslim terrorist's plan to use the "good Muslims" population growth to grow their territory. He, like many liberals, feel as though the answer is to hold hands, and sing Kumbaya, and if it has to get ugly, send in more drones.
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