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Obama Plans To Force Marines To Wear “Unisex” Hats…

A change to the Marine Corps’ uniform hats could take the hard-nosed Leathernecks from the Halls of Montezuma to the shops of Christopher Street.

Thanks to a plan by President Obama to create a “unisex” look for the Corps, officials are on the verge of swapping out the Marines’ iconic caps with a new hat that some have derided as so “girly” that they would make the French blush

[Image: marine_hats-550x366.jpg]

“We don’t even have enough funding to buy bullets, and the DoD is pushing to spend $8 million on covers that look like women’s hats!” one senior Marine source fumed to The Post. “The Marines deserve better. It makes them look ridiculous.”

The thin new hats have a feminine line that some officials think would make them look just as good on female marines as on males — in keeping with the Obama directive.
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
No fucking thank you. Maybe Resident Obama thinks they look fabulous, but as a Marine I will say he needs to STFU & GTFO.
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The money spent on arbitrarily changing uniforms like this could pay for health care twice over.
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This really is a stupid thing for anyone to be worrying over. There are still troops in Afghanistan, budgets, logistics, etc and people are wondering whether or not to switch to a unisex cover. The only thing relating to uniforms that I think would really be worthwhile to look into is better patterns in camo (though the current patterns work well) or lighter armor that's still as effective or better than the current issue.

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Doesnt O asshole have more important things to do?Huh
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I'll bet anyone in this thread 20 bucks that the potus
has nothing to do with this.
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"There's a big story getting passed around in military circles and beyond from The New York Post that President Obama wants the Marines to start wearing 'girly' caps.
The Post writer, Jeane MacIntosh, writes of a "plan by President Obama to create a 'unisex' look for the Corps, officials are on the verge of swapping out the Marines’ iconic caps – known as 'covers' — with a new version that some have derided as so 'girly' that they would make the French blush."

As a Marine veteran who knows how these changes actually happen, I can tell you the story is 100% B.S. The bottom line: The President doesn't involve himself in what troops happen to be wearing.
But just to make sure, I called Headquarters Marine Corps and a spokesperson confirmed that the process for making changes to Marine uniforms hasn't changed since I last left the service in 2010. 

Every year, a board (made up of senior enlisted Marines) meets and goes over things that they may want to change with uniforms. In 2007 for example, the board made a change that outlawed "sleeve" tattoos — and I don't remember thinking that was all President George W. Bush's fault.

"The President in no way, shape, or form directed the Marine Corps to change our uniform cover," said Capt. Maureen Krebs, a spokesperson for the Marine Corps. "We're looking for a new cover for our female Marines for the primary reason that the former manufacturer went out of business. The Marine Corps has zero intention of changing the male cover."
[Image: pafoasig.png]
My point is 100% valid. As was intended.
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Yeah? Well he's still a MOOSLIM!!!


LOL Tongue
Why have any different uniform between the sexes? They should all be wearing the male version because this isn't 1940. They don't need to change shit. From now one issue the male uniform to the woman sans jock strap.

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