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Obama reminds everyone about Trayvon

Mentions NOTHING about, you know, not being a fucking criminal piece of shit who died because he ambushed an armed neighborhood watch captain... after going and buying skittles and watermelon cooler to make more purple drank to get even more high, while vacationing with his father after being booted out of school for being a thief and drug dealer. That same father who, Trayvon bragged, was an active gang member and was going to help him get his first gun.

Oh, sorry... SPOILER ALERT.
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And I saw this:

Quote:AS THE Feb. 26 anniversary of Trayvon Martin's death approached last year, Lawanda Horton was amazed that barely anyone had written about Trayvon on the Twittersphere.

Time had passed, but very little had changed for black males in America since Trayvon had been killed by a white Hispanic man who thought he looked suspicious, she said. So, she decided to act.

To amplify the voices of those most affected by racial profiling, Horton invited black men and boys to write letters to Trayvon about being stopped, watched and harassed in events driven by fear, prejudice and stereotypes.

Letters poured in from Philadelphia and surrounding counties.


I started reading some of the "letters" and all I could do is shake my head. People still don't get it. This was never about racial profiling. It was about someone suspicious in a neighborhood that had been burglarized. Then it was about self defense...

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Thanks Obama, for making sure race relations have gone down the toilet in America in the past 4 years or so.....
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Believe it or not this is not the fault of Obama specifically, but rather the compounded result of the last few decades since the civil rights movement which in my mind holds a place right next to our current "social justice" movement as the logical progression of the civil rights movement. Sure Obama foments this shit everywhere he goes. The so called black leaders are the ones who in their crusade to line their pockets have created a generation of young men and women for home race is an excuse for everything including every misdeed and everything they see is seen through the lens of race and as such they have become hypersensitive to it.

If any "journalist" needed to be taken down by the media it was most certainly Al Charlatan. These liars have even fabricated a corrupt religion to justify their outlandish beliefs through false and artificially racially charged history. This shit isn't new, but until people figure out that equality does not equal affirmative action this was all going to come to a head one way or the other and that's what we're seeing. Without Obama it would have just happened on a different time scale.
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