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Obama restricts military-style equipment to police
I don't see where this says that the police can't have what they want. It merely says that the Feds will no longer fund or provide it, which I support.

The militarization of the police should stop, and this is a good step.


Rich G;165622 Wrote:The president is black.
The rioter,looters are black what did you expect?
Better keep your guns close.

What the fuck does this mean?
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I agree with demilitarization of the police being a good thing. Kudo's to Obama for stopping what never should have allowed in the first place.

But I do agree with the idea of "if the police don't need it, neither do you" mindset being something we will have to deal with sooner rather than later, and without reading the entire bill I do wonder what other types of gun control affecting you or I are in this. We are talking about a man who promised to enact gun control "through any means available" or some such.

If there isn't, then that's just awesome.
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I agree that we need to remain diligent, but that doesn't mean that change shouldn't happen.

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