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Obama's Mouthpiece Resigns
Press Secretary Jay Carney steps down:

Quote:WASHINGTON — White House press secretary Jay Carney became the news instead of just delivering it Friday, when President Barack Obama unexpectedly interrupted the daily media briefing to announce Carney’s resignation after three and a half years as his primary spokesman.

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NOT the resignation I've been waiting for....
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Obama did two press conferences in one day?!?!?!?!? Unbelievable. The first was this morning at 11AM to announce the resignation of the VA secretary. Then a few hours later he's out there again announcing Carney's resignation. I can't recall him ever in his 5 years as President being this accessible to the lapdog White House Press Corps.

He rarely ever does a single White House Press Conference. It's usually only in response to a new scandal or to announce something related to Obamacare.
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Obama didn't know he was stepping down until he saw it on the news.
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Fucking rats deserting a sinking ship before they can be held criminally liable for the actions of the dear leader and his cabal. That boldfaced liar should have been taken out of the White House in handcuffs along with his boss and tried for treason. I can't wait to see the official reasoning. What a joke. My money is on "Jay just wanted to spend more time with his family" rather than, "I was about to get nailed with my hand in the cookie jar in a scheme to defraud the American people". To this day he still has that look about him like a puppy that just got caught shitting on the carpet.
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Keep in mind Carney is the SECOND "Mouth of Sauron" to exit Resident Obama's stink hole room in Mordor. Now the Department of State spokeswoman Jen Psaki is being openly mocked by reporters for her delusional statements on the Resident's foreign policies.

The media is starting to turn on the Messiah, and as they do, more of his cronies will starting falling by the wayside.
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Wonder if any of these resignees will end up Fostered before they can say very much?
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