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Obama supporters accused of indoctrinating students
"In 4 more OMao years you won't like how America looks....I guarantee it."
“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” -- Thomas Jefferson
This is hardly surprising. And it starts much, much younger than that. And it has been going on for a long, long time.

I can remember being in 2nd grade, in the early 1970's, and having my staunchly and insistently vocal anti-gun teacher openly berate and call candidate Ronald Reagan the devil- carrying on about 666 and blah, blah, blah... begging us to convince our parents to vote for Carter. She was also a Dallas Cowboys fan.

She was detestable on every level....

In my very first act of political disobedience in life, despite a ban on toy guns (or even GI joes) for show and tell, i made sure i brought my brand new plastic M-16, wrapped carefully in brown paper, to school. You shoulda seen her eyes when i unwrapped that puppy in front of class. Big Grin

She called my dad in to rant....but dad was a Philly Cop under then mayor Rizzo, a veteran, and had taught me to shoot at age 5. He showed up in uniform, complete with his sidearm in place, and told her to stuff it. Big Grin
My education from pre-k to college was obtained in New York City, the touch of Liberalism was especially strong in high school. Yet here I am today a owner of a high capacity 9mm, two EBR's, over a dozen high capacity magazines, two weeks away from picking up a WASR-10 and I have a 700 round spam can of 7.62x39 on it's way to my home as we speak. To get a picture of me with my collection and have the shots sent to some former teachers would tickle me in a very special way. Tongue

I was especially stubborn and obstinant as a child (Ask my parents) so that saved me. However I think with the continued failure of Liberalism plus the continued erosion of our freedoms we will see more people getting fed up with this bullshit and openly rejecting the movement. Just look how many young people like myself are on these forums. My friend from the city raised in a strongly anti-gun household thinks my collection is awesome. So hope does still exist, a lot of people are getting tired of this shit being rammed down their throats.
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This election is showing me the true colors of some of my friends even more so than the last. I really want to believe that there is hope but I am just not seeing it from my everyday pool of people, most especially people outside of rural PA. Im still trying to figure out which side of the fence my military brother in law is on. I saw a rant/plea the other day from a soldier about how this election is destroying friendships etc. It is true, I have lost respect for many people who I once believed were intellegent and had a decent head on their shoulder. I have few regrets though because I am now seeing what some of these people really believe when they aren't just standing in a crowd on a smoke break trying to kiss your ass.

Its almost like a bad horror or scifi movie where people are falling to some form of mind control one by one. Every day I start off saying to myself "at least I still have this group of friends over here", then by the end of the day one of them who has remained quiet up to this point will make a comment about how awesome Obama is, or in the case of last night, how great Biden was and how he has won their support.

I really hope you guys are right.
The law? The law is a human institution...

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