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Obama tears into tea party
I know what romney stood for because he voted for it and stated it. As for the libertarian in va I didnt follow his politics. I have no problem with a fee for service road charge. That's how it should be the gps stuff not so much. Nonetheless the Republican lost just the same as the libertarian, because they weren't good enough to win not because someone else ran. The funding bullshit is just that. Democrats fubded him so little it was like 20k total. Most of his funding came from Republicans and libertarians but let us not allow the facts to get in the way

Camper;124601 Wrote:
ExcelToExcel;124536 Wrote:If romney won we would have had something probably worse than Obamacare and my guess is that a ton of people here would praise him for "trying to fix the problem" because they are totally blinded when the see an ® after anyone's name.

I'm sure all the libertarians (6.6%) who voted for him would have been shocked to hear that he supports such a libertarian with ties to the Obama Administration since the person who donated the most to his campaign is also an Obama donations bundler--and even Ron Paul said libertarians would be INSANE to vote for someone who supports a mileage tax that would necessitate a GPS placed in every VA vehicle. Oh yeah, and his preference for "mainstream economics" and wanting to expand Medicaid in VA, not cut spending, nor reduce taxes.

But those libertarians in Virginia sure showed those "R's" by voting on principle for such a Libertarian like Sarvis--I can't imagine that THEY would be so blind to vote for someone with an (L) after their name, could they? They're SOOOOOO much smarter than that--maybe more medicaid, no change in government spending, and a GPS in every car is necessary so the government can help keep you on the road to liberty?

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