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Obamacare strikes again
So we haven't been able to file taxes yet because our Obamacare form hasn't come in the mail yet. So we call....had to mess around with our online account has a problem so can't pull up the information they had to "put in an order" for a new tax form to be mailed to us in "about two weeks".

So then I see this this morning:

Quote:The Obama administration says it sent about 800,000 customers the wrong tax information, and officials are asking those consumers to delay filing their 2014 taxes.

Great. Just great. So now we'll probably get our identity stolen on top of everything else. You know, I didn't ask for this, I didn't vote for this...I was just minding my OWN business when my insurance got all screwed up and now my taxes are getting all screwed up.

Thanks for nothing, Obama.
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Are you a customer? I got mine pretty quickly, but my shit is through my company.

This is what you get with government bureaucracy. The only thing that this government was ever good at doing was killing the British and then the Japs and Germans in WWII.

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Yeah unfortunately we are.

Basically we were through my husband's job, but when Obamacare started out, they nixed our coverage because it didn't "qualify" under the new laws. The new policies were going to be way too expensive for his job to afford. So instead we had to go through the marketplace ourselves and his job now provides a health savings for our copays and deductibles.

But that meant we had to go through that lovely marketplace...and they've messed up our personal information at LEAST three times now in a year and a half. And now our hands are tied to file taxes until they can figure out how to get paperwork to us.

And people still trust this government to take care of them? Laughable.
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That sucks. Good luck dealing with this boondoggle.

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JustinHEMI;162042 Wrote:That sucks. Good luck dealing with this boondoggle.


Thanks! I think a whole lotta people need a whole lotta luck with all this. Dodgy
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What's amazing to me is that the same people who claimed healthcare was too expensive when you add in facilities, procedures, doctors, nurses, technicians, energy costs, transportation, research and development, taxes, and administrative costs think that somehow adding a giant fucking layer of new federal beauracracy, taxes, fees, and regulations will make health care more affordable.
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