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OC all day, then got carded...
DaveM55;16991 Wrote:I quit smoking this past April at 56 years old.

At the time I was still getting carded for smokes and I have a full head of gray hair! Shrug

Of course you've been carded.........remember,'re Aran. Big Grin
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Same thing always happens to me; I like it when they actually look down at the gun specifically when you come up, then card you when you ask for cigarettes.

A lot of places have ridiculous policies now; it used to be if you looked over 27, now its if you look over 40 or some places make their employees card all the time; I go to the same place most of the time so they don't usually bother.
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You don't always get handcuffed for selling cigarettes to minors. You do get the cops coming in to ticket both you and the company. One of the girls I worked with at CVS about ten years ago got busted for that.
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Compliance checks, you get a red card or a green card. A red card means you didn't ask for ID. I know clerk who have gotten 3 red cards and got fired, but didn't get a fine. Mrs. Chaz, however, has never gotten a red card, only green ones... lol

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I was going on break when two girls came in with cash in hand. I remember thinking, "I hope Nikki (the girl I was working with) cards them."

So I'm outside smoking a cigarette when the two girls pass me on their way out. I look in the direction they were headed and I could see the front of a tan Crown Vic. I immediately toss my cigarette and go in.

Nikki looks at me funny and I told her to close her register and I would open mine. I call the manager down from the office and start ringing people up. As soon as the manager asked me what was going on, I pointed to the cop walking through the door.

Nikki got a ticket for herself and the manager got one for the fine for the store.
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