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OC Encounters
Here's a semi amusing encounter and one dull one.

I'm in Autozone picking up a couple headlights since one had burned out. One of the employees is grabbing the packet of bulbs for me (E1), the other is standing behind the counter (E2)

E1: I'll give you these for free, and throw in a battery if you shoot this dude in the foot. *nods to E2*
E2: Dude, what the hell? Nah, I'll give you the bulbs, a battery, and brake pads if you shoot him instead.
Me: Whoa, whoa... guys, you know I can't do that. Not until you can toss in a turbocharger, intercooler, and a new air intake.
E1: For a Civic?!
E2: Done!
Me: ... You know I'm not serious, right? I can't just shoot someone.
E1: Aww, c'mon! *laughing*
E2: Man, if we gave him all that he'd have to shoot us after the boss found out. *laughing as well*

They rang me up and I went along my way.


I'm at the doctor's office to get a prescription for something stronger than over-the-counter allergy relief. No one in the waiting room batted an eye, and none of the receptionists or nurses seemed to care. The cute nurse asks for me to step on the scale and glances at my boots and the gun on my hip.

Me: Need me to my boots and gun off?
Nurse: Oh, take your time. I just don't know how much it'll throw off your weight is all. You can put it back on right after though.
Me: Sure thing.

Turns out I weigh less than I thought I did. The nurse smiled, took my vitals, and that was the end of that. The doc had already seen me OC before, so it was nothing new to her either. No mention of anyone being frightened or any requests to cover up next time. Pretty much the way it should be.

[Image: 21122657_10155704889299275_8952212329936901321_o_2.jpg]

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