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OC vs. CC - FPSRussia Style

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"The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution."
Thomas Jefferson
It's entertainment. I get a kick out of his gun reviews. Guns holsters and how I carry is a decision for me to make. I can respect a person but completely disagree with their opinion on serious and important topics. Choices aren't they great
JustinHEMI;17349 Wrote:Before we get too far, I want to insert there here;

[Image: Beating_A_Dead_Horse.gif]

Big Grin


We have a smilie for that...
"What you're feeling now ain't the worst pain. The worst thing is not feeling the hurt anymore."
Oh look, another person regurgitating the same illogical crap that we've been hearing for years upon years.

Someone wake me up when there's something new being contributed.
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Xavier;17348 Wrote:The whole "if a robber comes in and sees your OC gun, he will attack you first" argument blows my mind. Last time I checked, most criminals are looking for an easy score and if they see someone who is possibly armed I'd imagine they'd be more inclined to skedaddle and find a gas station that doesn't have an armed citizen inside then try to have a gun fight.

Sounds like you're making some assumptions bro. A lot of famous gunslingers were shot while OCing, sometimes from behind, right? Known bad men, right? Have times really changed that much?
How many crack dealers that are known to be armed do you think get shot in broad daylight in the US every day?

Question: What is a "Dead Man's hand", and why is it called that?

Some criminals are bad mofos, and will knowingly attack businesses with an armed guard...or an armored car. Or criminals that are known to be armed. If someone will attack a drug house, you bet your ass they will attack Joe OC.

If they'll rob guards and they are OCing, what makes you so special just because you're OCing? Answer: Nothing.

I favor the right to OC, but let's not delude ourselves into thinking that it is a magical shield of righteousness that will automatically ward off all attacks.

Because it's not, and it won't. And thinking that it will is not smart.

So hey, Viper...wake up. Wink

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