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Off the Grid Library

I just registered for it.
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Thanks for posting.  I have heard of a couple of the reports.
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Another library:
Lighthouse Survival has many older Public Domain manuals that are from the 1800 - 1900's.
Quote:Why Books from the 1800-Early 1900s
Why would you want books on skills and techniques that date from the 1800s up through the early to mid 1900s?

Aren't the skills outdated? Isn't the information obsolete?

In the context of our modern, powered, technologically sophisticated infrastructure... yes they are.

But consider what kind of environment you could be facing after a catastrophic event like an EMP attack, a solar flare that decimated the power grid, an economic collapse brought on by a war in the middle east that drastically reduced the world's access to oil, a domino affect from massive worldwide deficit spending...


These books provide the information, skills, techniques and knowledge to relearn skills that existed before there was a power grid, before there was a technological infrastructure that could solve so many problems.
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Spacemanvic;815 Wrote:

I just registered for it.

Many of the titles of the free reports look very interesting. I will read a couple to see how they are.
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