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[OFFICIAL] IRS Scandal Discussion and Information
Ten*K;149127 Wrote:Her directing IRS employees to get rid of information is crime enough. If Dems continue to support her then they are guilty of obstruction and should ALSO be arrested.

I find it funny whenever someone brings up the IRS scandal to a liberal, they tell them to "get over" and move on. Conservative groups may have been targeted, but EVERYBODY was victimized by this obvious overstep of authority and intimidation.
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]

424 backup tapes found!

After two years of hiding and denying, a new inspector was able to uncover all these backup tapes in only TWO WEEKS. These tapes are a low tech backup to all data in case of a major computer disruption. The tapes were know to have to have existed, but IRS officials blocked the turnover of nearly all the requested data.

Watch the vids:

Here is a detailed timeline of the story in case you want extra info or a refresher on what has transpired up to the end of 2014.
tolerance for failure meter... LOW
It high time we start making examples out of certain people and clean house.
I second the gentleman's motion...
tolerance for failure meter... LOW

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