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Official Toomey Phone-athon!
dc dalton;94477 Wrote:Dammit, got stuck at the bank for over an hour and missed my slot BUT I just called and got the answering machine and left the message.

You still have time... this is scheduled for THURSday.

Article Wrote:A final agreement, brokered by Toomey and Sen. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.), was expected to come together Wednesday. The plan, as of Tuesday night, would close background-check loopholes for purchases at gun shows and online, Manchin said, though the full details were not yet known.

Toomey and Manchin "continue to work on final details, but they appear close to a deal," a Toomey spokeswoman wrote late Tuesday in an e-mail.

We may be too late, but we still should let our voices be heard.
I plan to call tomorrow, in addition to Thursday.
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Just called Sen. Toomey's D.C. office after reading on that he cut a deal with Manchin. I was thanked for taking the time to call and "letting the Senator know my position on the issue." The woman I spoke with offered no info as to what the proposed deal entailed, but did allude to hearing from many disgruntled constituents this morning.

It took a couple of tries to actually get through to a live person, rather than the voicemail. I guess she wasn't kidding about the amount of calls they've gotten today. Hopefully he'll get the message and back out of the deal, but I doubt it.
Glock32, proud to be a member of since Oct 2012.
I E-Mailed and Faxes him yesterday since I get tongue tied on the phone, however in this case I will try calling today between 330-4 PM today, possibly tomorrow too. I just have to ask what time is his DC office open until? Huh
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Sanity, yours if you can keep it. Confused
Just got through on the second try, first try voice mail was full. Keep on truckin !!
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Bumping this up.
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I'll take 3pm

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he just voted to break the filibuster. should we still bother? updated message? threaten ecall elections?
I just called and got sent to voicemail. I have time and am going to continue calling.
I\'m armed, proud to be a member of since Dec 2012.
what message did you leave? I'm at a loss for words. I don't know if I can be calm and collected.

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