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Online Auctions... A few tips for sellers...
Sometimes asking questions tips a seller off that something is up.
This is why I like to see decent pictures, so I don't have to ask the seller questions.
Yes, the seller should know what he has and if they don't that's their tough luck if someone gets a screaming deal, I'm all for the great deal.

Here is a picture of a Savage pistol I found for sale:
[Image: 2qnus0o.jpg]

I mean seriously, what the hell is that picture showing other than the seller is a dolt who either cannot use a camera or cannot take the time to retake a shitty picture.
Why even waste bandwidth posting a picture like that in a WTS ad?
Some people need to read this book:

That's obviously a picture of bigfoot.

I will say this though, too many people don't understand how to use the macro function on their digital cameras. If they're using a cell phone, it probably doesn't have a macro function, taking close shots like that ain't gonna work.
While not an auction, I found this listing today:
Quote:WTS Inland M1 carbine ,OD sling (installed) , khaki sling (extra). buttstock ammo pouch , 2 15 round mags, 1 30 round mag . $1100 shipped to your 01 dealer.
Sorry no pics available . Reply . You won't be disappointed with this carbine . First I'll take it gets it , payment by USPS money order, personal check held til it clears . Money order get fast shipment . No dents , dings , or scratches . No excessive wear or bruises .

Yeah, OK, I'm going to drop $1100 on a rifle because the seller says I won't be disappointed.
Some people need to read this book:

Someone has trust issues...
My latest tip/peeve:

7 days ago I found a French MAB .32 marked for Moroccan police use with no import marks for sale on an online auction.

The seller said no USPS shipping.
Since I've never had to pay for UPS overnight or two day, I sent them a message asking for just an estimate of what shipping would cost since I didn't have a clue if they were using a UPS box, their own box, the weight, etc...
I wanted an estimate so I could have a total shipped idea to base my bid on.
No reply, so I tried again 2 days ago.
No reply.
So tonight 10mins before the auction closed I emailed them once more letting them know that I was prepared to bid $300 on the pistol if they had simply replied to me but now it was too late as they were obviously too busy.

It ended with a winning bid of $201.

The sellers refusal to take 5 mins to jump on the UPS website and get me an estimate cost them $100.
Some people need to read this book:


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