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Open Carry Event: Wilkes-Barre, this Saturday
I'm currently involved in a "debate" on Facebook over some "open carry demonstration" happening this weekend. Some of the organizers are contacting the WBPD to advise them that they'll be hanging out downtown. Am I wrong to think that letting the cops know ahead of time is asinine? One them claims it's to prevent a shootout form occuring; we don't want a second Civil War starting in WB, for god's sake.

" Well we let them know last time and not armed police presence, it's just telling so they don't come shooting like the forces across the nation are prepping up for. don't have to tell them, but it's just a precaution so the 2nd civil war doesn't star in Wilkes-Barre. You show up anyway because they can't say no because it's just a bunch of people randomly meeting each other while open carrying, but cops get scared and they are trigger happy "

Am I an asshole for thinking this is stupid? I know, I'm an asshole most of the time, but about this?
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Is it a demonstration or a bunch of guys OCing who are hanging out? If it's a demonstration then I am sure they need to apply for permits and file the right paperwork. If it is a bunch of dudes hanging out while OCing, then no, I would not contact WBPD. I would however have some form of recording device ready just in case of a negative PD stop.
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You may be an asshole, but I think they are being stupid. Tongue.

I could see if you need to notify the PD you are planning to peacefully assemble, I've never organized something like this, so don't know if this is required, but I would think not.
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You wouldn't be able to run as many people over with that car if it didn't drive as far. It should only have a 10 gallon fuel tank.
As far as I know, no one has applied for any permits for a peaceful assembly. I think only ten guys are showing up, though.
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I know I've gone as far as suggesting that certain "anti" LEOs actually be invited to meet/greets before due to negative encounters with them, but to 'let them know because someone fears a shootout'?? That someone ought to stay home.

If I were planning on attending, something like this would be enough for me to stay home. I'm all about normalizing OC and bearing arms, and providing local LEOs with an itinerary sounds like BS to me.




.'re an asshole. Angel
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jahwarrior72;107228 Wrote:Am I wrong to think that letting the cops know ahead of time is asinine?

For the most part, I agree with you. The one exception that comes to mind is when someone (or a group) is battling a preemption violation, and they 'challenge' LE to come enforce some illegal measure - like we just recently saw in Erie.

As far as just giving a 'heads up' so the police don't come charging in with guns blazing, I agree. It's asinine.
Of course its necessary. Hell I call the police every time I go to the bar Anim_beer to spout off bullshit and practice my first amendment right with a group of other people. I don't want them getting word that I said something they might take the wrong way and wind up hauling me off jail dang it!Rolleyes

Oh and I also wear a sign around my neck when I walk down the street with others that details the contents of my pockets. That way they don't think I am carrying something I should not be carrying because I don't want them to stop and frisk me because they don't know what's in my pockets. It's polite and might help me avoid being tazed. Tazed
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