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Opinoins Please. Absolute Best 9mm for Carry
If you read my posts you will know that I am very disappointed in Ruger. I have 2 P95's and they are great pistols but since Ruger stopped making them they consider them "obsolete"/ Now both of them work fine but I want a pistol that is as reliable as the Ruger BUT still has the support and parts if needed. Right now I am thinking Sig M11-a1. I need some advice. No fucking jokes please. Thank you. das
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Your Rugers are still pretty popular; lots of guys I know still have them and carry them. There's lots of places online you can order parts from if need be, like Brownell's.

If you really need a new gun, there's plenty of them around to choose from. Sigs, Glocks, Xds, Keltec...

I know firsthand that Keltec has awesome customer service, and I've never had issues with mine. I used to have a P3AT and my brother had a PF9. His was a first run, and there were issues with pitting and rust on the slide, because of shitty blueing. He contacted them, and they had him ship it back to them. Two weeks later, he had a new gun, the updated model, with good blueing, improved mag drop, and an extra mag with an extension. The only ammo it didn't like was 147 grain HPs, but it at everything else you fed it.

Glocks are Glocks. I had a 19. Molly liked it, but I didn't. Their customer service isn't the greatest.

My friend just bought a 9mm XDm. He's been shooting it like crazy, without a single failure so far. He's still getting used to it; hems shot nothing but revolvers and 1911 up thil now. Springfield has good customer service, from what I hear.

You can't go wrong with S&W. I've read that Shaulwolf had issues with their customer service, but that sounds like an isolated incident. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I had a Sigma that I shot for years before I started having issues. S&W fixed it for free. Sigmas are shit for aftermarket parts, though. The M&Ps are easy to find stuff for, and are super reliable.
Hope this helps.
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I don't think you could go wrong with an XDM 3.8 from Springfield. 13-rounds in compact mag and put in the full sized and you're at 19-rounds.

Also lots of aftermarket goodies to get as well.

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Thanks Jah and Bigdawgbeav. I cant find any parts except a couple of springs that Ruger has left over. I would have to sell my 3 9mm's to get the Sig M11A1. I just dont want to be stuck IF I need parts. Im so disappointed in Ruger. I dont know what to do at this point.
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Browning High Power! Early version.

13 + 1 capacity and in the all steel configuration heavy enough to beat an opponent to death if you run out of cartridges!
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CZ-USA makes some nice pistols.
OK, I think I have narrowed the field. Here is what Im thinking. FNX 9mm, Sig M11-A1, or M&P9c and shield together. Thoughts?
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100% would go with the Sig. The first gun I ever purchased was my P228 back in the 90s. Never had one hiccup with it. Went thru thousands of rounds and plenty of classes with it. Eats everything, decocker, double action and not Tupperware. Big Grin. I have never owned anything that I could rely on 100%, except that pistol.
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das;139398 Wrote:OK, I think I have narrowed the field. Here is what Im thinking. FNX 9mm, Sig M11-A1, or M&P9c and shield together. Thoughts?

M&P 9mmC with extended mag (13) Love it!
Love my Beretta 92. Love, love, love it!
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