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Outrage over sensible bill
pinhead1979;164174 Wrote:
God's Country;164173 Wrote:Just makes me wish our economy would tank, so these assholes could see what it's really like to be broke.

It already has tanked... close the doors of the FED, and while you're at it everything else as well, and it would all crash overnight. It would be like pulling back the curtain and seeing the wizard pulling the levers in the Wizard of Oz. We have no real economy, even the shitstorm we're in now is an illusion. It's all rigged, broken, and propped up. People always say that gov't solves the problems, yeah but only the ones they created in the first place. In turn for causing the problems, the offer solutions that cause more problems. If you yanked all "entitlements" this country would burn to the ground. I'm starting to think that's not so bad anymore.

That's what I mean, for it to truly tank. In the meantime the gov is paying for the welfare state with IOU's and the recipients could care less because there is a thousand ways around the system.
Welcome to ObamaNation part deuxUtg
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$25.00 a day ATM limit and someone bitches about that?
I have my pay check, (That I work for), direct deposited and my spending money comes from the ATM. I don't take more than $40.00 a month out of my account because I can['t afford any more than that. It's usually less than that, sometimes it's many weeks, even months between trips to the ATM. (I sell a few things on eBay occasionally so I can have some spending money for my weekend activities, (Yard sales and flea markets, looking for tools and other things I need, and occasionally finding something I might be able to sell on eBay).
Something else that pisses me off is the bastardization of the word "Entitlement". When it's time for me to collect Social Security and someone calls it an "entitlement" they'll be absolutely correct even though they may not know it. I've been paying into that fund, (and so have my employers, in my name), for more than 40 years, so when it's time for me to collect I really am entitled to that money. I really am entitled to that money.
I was talking to a retired man last year who said that some people pissed him off when they referred to his S.S. as an "entitlement". I told him that he really is entitled to that money because he had been contributing to the fund for so long. He thought for a moment and his attitude lightened quite a bit.
Unfortunately the word "entitlement" has morphed from it's true meaning and now appears to mean "anyone who has a feeling of being entitled to something that's not rightfully theirs."
That's an "entitlement attitude" which is different from someone who is truly entitled to something.
If I'm wrong, someone please correct me but I went to school when teachers taught us how to communicate using real language and if we didn't know the meaning of a word we had to look it up in a dictionary. (Encyclopedia and other reference books that were in the library were also common places to find useful information).
By the way, at that time a troop was "a group of soldiers" or "a group of people or things". Now when I hear a news report about a specific number of troops being deployed, killed or brought back from battle it makes me wonder how many soldiers they're talking about.
It's the liberal assholes playing with words to try to sensationalize anything and everything to promote their cause.
What was once a group is now being counted differently and each individual member of a troop is called a troop, (instead of the proper term, "trooper".
I know I'm not alone in my thoughts here, I had a conversation a few months ago with a school teacher who has views very similar to mine regarding the bastardization of words as well as other liberal tactics).
In case anyone has any doubts, I've known this man long enough to know that he is indeed a teacher, (and a damn good one), he is genuinely concerned about children in general, not just his own or the students he teaches, and is NOT a progressive liberal. He is a very conservative, down to earth, very intelligent guy with a lot of common sense and is as good of a friend as anyone could ask for.
Emoticon;164162 Wrote:
RugerGirl;164134 Wrote:Even more interesting than this long overdue bill, is the outrage people are having over it.....really???? Some comments I've seen on Facebook are ridiculous....complaining about big government and saying how bad things are getting. OH BROTHER.

See bolded... "Your money"????? See now that's the problem. The state isn't telling anyone how to use THEIR money. It's going to tell you how to use taxpayer money. It's going to tell you that you can't go on cruises or get your nails done or get a tattoo using tax money. OH how unfair???? NOT.

I have never gone on a cruise. I have had my nails done maybe three times in my life professionally (I usually do my own). We don't do a lot of outside entertainment because it adds up fast for four kids. But yet, it's unfair telling people who actually did not work for their money, that it's not fair that THEY can't do all these things?

It's bad enough people on EBT live on Wawa food (seen it), let alone that people on welfare are living the "easy come, easy go" life. Talked to a person who repo's cars about how many fancy SUV's he has repo-ed with EBT cards on the front seat. And here we are trying to find a used car that will cost the same as whatever we get from insurance from our car accident because we had two paid off cars and we don't want to add another car payment...since we actually have to WORK for that money.....

Kudos to Kansas for passing a reasonable, long overdue bill. I hope other states follow suit. There is absolutely NOTHING to complain about if you are getting assistance, and all you are allowed to spend it on is food and bills. That's what MOST people are doing, anyway, after they get home from their workweek. Sheesh.

Why do you think they started calling them "entitlements"? Obama's sons and daughters are entitled to them as a back door form of reparations. This is just grandstanding and identity politics by liberal scumbags who like to play the race card for the sake of capturing the vote of the "low information voters" out there so they can get in office and vote in more "entitlements" to steal more votes to continue the vicious cycle of debt we are in. I'm still amazed at how the SNAP program never runs out of money or it's funding called into question, but soc sec always is in limbo. If only old people started threatening to burn their retirement homes down and rioting...
There are three types of people in the world:
Those who make things happen,
Those who watch things happen,
And those who wonder what happened.
Even though I get pissed off about this shit quite a bit, I really don't care as much as I used to. Like I said the whole "entitlement" business is just a sneaky way of paying reparations in exchange for votes all the while not admitting wrongdoing...that we'll never get credit for as a society because it's so vague. The way I see it though we won't see a damn thing happen in this country until either the Republican Party or the Democrat Party brand becomes so toxic that nobody wants to be associated with it anymore and one of the parties collapses, the democrats need the republicans to prop this fraudulent scheme we call a gov't up.

As long as Democrats have Republicans to do fake pile-drivers and power-bombs with each other in the fake media they can avoid issues like foreign aid which BOTH R and D agree on and anyone who pays taxes disagrees with. I mean look, Obamacare was passed almost 6 YEARS ago!!! It's wasted billions of dollars and it will carry on wasting billions...yet 6 years on we've done nothing to roll it back! Sure we talk of rolling it back STILL! Basically if you zoom out and look at the map view on the healthcare and almost every other major issue our government has not moved one inch in 6 years from it's last step backwards! Costs to us the peasants keep going up and people at the helm of the semi-state-run businesses we have these days are lining their pockets like crazy so that wont change any time soon. This shit is not all Obama's fault though. The whole system is corrupt top to bottom. The day one of the parties collapses is the day somebody opens the door to the backroom card game the Republi-crats have been playing since WWII and all the roaches will fucking scatter the moment they see the light of day and a party is willing to confront the issues that Republi-crats agree to avoid and we can start on the road to fixing this mess.

Until then I nap in the corner with one eye open looking to see when it's the true patriot's time to move. What I fear is that when one of the parties collapses and we do get another party that the fixes required will be so painful that the people will react like Greece has to austerity of the past few years since their collapse, which is to jam on the gas, start the printers back up full tilt and head for the cliff rather than try to walk back the damage.

This is what I fear happening if we get a new party in office actually willing to fix this country...
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