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Over 100 Seattle businesses sign up for 'Gun Free Zone'

Quote:At the rate of nearly one per day, over 100 businesses in Seattle have signed up to be a part of the city's "Gun Free Zone" program since it launched in August.

"In the face of inaction at the federal level on gun control laws, in the face of inaction at the state level on gun control laws, this is an opportunity for businesses, individuals in a community, to take action themselves," Mayor Mike McGinn said at a news conference on Thursday.

Participating businesses have placed a "Gun Free Zone" decal in the window. Police could consider a visitor who violates the rule a trespasser.

Something in the water out there, makes people stupid.
Stupid is the new normal.
From their website:

Voluntary program protects business patrons from gun violence

Protects them from gun violence? I didn't know those signs were bulletproof. I also didn't know that by hanging one up it protected each individual patron. Learn something new every day. Well shit... I'm gonna put one of those signs out front of Sandy Hook Elementary...
I guess that's 100 more victim zones that I won't be visiting.

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You can't fix stupid
conefree, proud to be a member of since Feb 2013.
did you expect less from the west coast?
"Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity"

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