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Overwhelmed; Leading Ammo Manufacturer Temporarily Suspends Production
Overwhelmed: Leading Ammo Manufacturer Temporarily Suspends Production: “There Is No Conspiracy To Shut Us Down”

Citing extreme demand over the last year the Hornady Manufacturing company, one of the leading producers of ammunition globally, has temporarily suspended production of over 150 bullet and ammunition types in order to focus their productive capacity on more popular products.

In a statement posted on the Hornady web site the firm explains that though they have increased capacity and shipments over the last year, their efforts have been overshadowed by an increase in demand of over 200%.

Effective immediately, Hornady will focus its efforts on producing their most popular calibers, while suspending the production of lesser known projectiles and ammunition.

In the following message to distributors and retail customers Steve Hornady explains that orders for ammunition are such that it will take nearly two years to clear the existing backlog. He also assuages fears of a government conspiracy to limit ammunition, and assures customers that Hornady will not, and has not, raised their prices.
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If that means more 9mm, .45, and .223 then I am very happy.
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They can't focus on the niche calibers when the demand for the most common rounds is still through the roof. This move will make more people fans of the brand because they are focusing on filling the big holes in the supply of the more common rounds. I for one applaud them.
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I don't get it. Local shops here are getting in the "popular" calibers.

Just a few weeks ago, I was able to get a few hundred rounds of .22 even.
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Connal;112967 Wrote:I don't get it. Local shops here are getting in the "popular" calibers.

Just a few weeks ago, I was able to get a few hundred rounds of .22 even.

Well screw you, pal. Must be nice. Wink

The only thing on the shelves around the Lehigh Valley is DUST.
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I "had" to buy a 500rd box of Remington Thundercrap the other day, paid $23 otd. Outrageous. I cant wait to get CCI.

STILL waiting on V/Z max 55gr bullets. This is very good news that Hornady is focusing on the popular calibers.
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